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Back in March, 2011, I blogged about an idea that Carl Tyler had about stripping the domino and notes (naming and marketing wise) out of a the Domino server and leaving the Xpages behind.  (I’ve taken the liberty of editing out the rest of the comments I had in there for you.  Domino is still there).

Well its here.  Xpages Server!  Here’s Ed Brills’ Post explaining it.




  1. Richard Moy  October 3, 2011

    It is not quite that, all of Domino is there. It is only a licensing and naming that is different.

    • Rob Salerno  October 3, 2011

      Hey Richard

      I was kidding. Of course Domino is still there. The idea is to strip domino out as a marketing concept and license it differently,.


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