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What an Ideal Migration solution for Notes Domino Applications should look like

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revive is based on opensource technologies

Creating the ideal Migration Solution

Architecting the ideal migration scenario for complex Notes Domino applications was the culmination of 10 years of research.  This was time spent working with every available solution targeting Notes application migrations, assessing the poor results,  while subsequently creating better solutions. What we ultimately learned, was that it would take a purpose-built migration solution to recreate the robust collaborative enterprise applications that both IT professionals and end-users were looking for. 

Starting from the ground up, and with the help of our clients, we created criteria that avoided the pitfalls of every solution available.  The ideal solution had to meet most, if not all of the following criteria. 

Open and Accepted Development Technologies 

The solution had to be technologically acceptable by organizations. It also couldn’t come with strings attached, like costly licensing, or the risk that the technology was supported by a small company that might not be around after lunch.   

It had to leverage development languages, tools and skills that are already commonplace in the enterprise community. The solution also had to have a future, where academia focused on teaching these skills to a new generation of gifted developers.   

We landed on a stack that has proven to be very successful and which our clients have embraced.  A Migration solution that is trusted and built with purpose, to help your organization succeed. 

Why Spring? #1 Java web framework 

The Spring Framework provides a secure and robust framework for building modern web applications. This framework allows us to connect to a variety of data stores including SQL (relational) and MongoDB (non-relational). RESTful APIs can be leveraged to access and use data from the web front end, and other sources (such as mobile applications).  Spring Boot can be used to package the applications to run on established Java web servers like Tomcat or be packaged to run on web container platforms such as Docker 

In 2019, the Jetbrains Developer Ecosystem report rated Spring as the #1 Java web framework. Spring is built on Java; In 2019 JetBrains released its state of Developer Ecosystem 2019 report. The report found that Java is still the most popular primary language and JavaScript is the most used overall. 

“ReactJS-Modernizing your applications” 

Migrated applications should include a modern responsive interface to meet today’s desktop and mobile needs. We needed to consider the standards users have come to expect using third-party commercial applications. Revive leverages ReactJS/Redux for the application frontend. React JS is a JavaScript-based framework used to build modern ‘single-page’ web applications with data delivered from Spring + Java.   

ReactJS is an industry standard for building user interfaces. Originally developed by Facebook, it is now used by the giants of end-user applications including Dropbox, Netflix, WhatsApp and more.    

An established Database ideal for Domino’s Non-Relational Format  

Migrating Domino data to SQL is a long and costly data mapping exercise, as a relational database can’t accept Domino’s mixed data types, and would reject the unmatched mixed data types. However, MongoDB is a ‘natural fit’ for representing data previously stored in Domino. Both MongoDB and Lotus Notes are ‘NoSQL’ document-centric data stores. Which allows for the storage of dynamic data types without the data integrity concerns introduced by a relational database.  

Automated Migration Utilities – the ‘Magic’ button 

Perhaps the singular most important feature our clients were looking for was the ‘magic migration button’. Press a button and your Application would migrate with little to no additional configuration or programming. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. But what we have figured out how to do is a testament to our Domino turned Web-savvy developers. Our migration accelerators migrate forms, views, data, security, user and access rights, and core domino code.  

The Importance of a Quality End-User Workspace  

If a company has one complex application, they are likely to have more. End-users were accustomed to finding all of their Domino applications in one place. The option to have a singular location for migrated applications was important to a lot of organizations we spoke with. This isn’t a necessity, but it addresses single sign-on and additional user management functions that may not exist outside the Domino environment in an organization heavily toed to the Notes platform.  

Application Administration & Management – Access with Ease 

The Revive portal provides an environment for application management and user and group access, mapped from the Domino Name and Address Book and individual application Access Control Lists. It also provides Single Sign-On (SSO). So that once a user authenticates with one application, they do not need to re-authenticate to connect to another application. User authentication can be configured directly in the Revive address book, or by connection to LDAP, on a user-by-user basis. 

What now? – Leveraging the Migration Solution?

Rivits migration solutions were purposely crafted to alleviate the issues associated with maintaining outdated applications while ensuring an improved end-user experience for your organization’s mission-critical applications. Incorporating years of research, testing various strategies, and working alongside our clients, we can confidently say we have built the only solutions to revitalize your organizations’ application databases while eliminating the risks and costs associated with supporting legacy HCL (notes/domino) applications.  

If you are ready or simply interested in moving your applications from Notes to modern web applications, please reach out as one of our migration experts would love to help you. 

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