The Low-Down on Low-Cost E-mail Systems

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What were the reasons that I would fly half way around the world to help architect and install a new software product?  What were the driving factors that provided this opportunity?  The answer is simple, at the time LWM fit a niche.  A low cost email system that could be delivered to 1000’s of employees with little hardware requirements.

Today, Lotus Workplace Messaging (LWM) no longer exists.  Infact, LWM met its demise in 2008.  Around that same time, we migrated the client to an alternative platform.   Just recently we successfully migrated the same 3500+ users to Office365.

Although 12 years have gone by, the needs of the community haven’t changed.  There is a continued push to empower all workers in a company whether they be office workers, insurance agents, sales people, assembly line workers, etc…  There continues to be a need to deliver email in the most cost effective and efficient way.

However, today we have Office365.

With Office365:

  • There is No Hardware refreshes you have to worry about,
  • It’s easy and cost effective to add new employees,
  • It supports single sign on which means that you can integrate it with your business critical applications,
  • It’s feature Rich and gives you the choice of using the Outlook client or a light browser based Outlook for Web,
  • It’s Easier to administer allowing your IT staff to do their job and not have to manage an email environment,
  • It provides failover and redundancy with out complex planning on your side,
  • You no longer have to worry about complex version to version upgrades.
  • Etc…

Contemplating changing your email or application environment, then start thinking about Office365 and Azure.

Rivit Technology Partners – Is a migration company that does all the heavy lifting for companies looking to migrate off their existing email or application environment to a Microsoft platform.  Whether you are looking at moving from IBM Domino to Office365, or IBM Domino to Sharepoint or .NET, or IBM Domino to on Premises Exchange, or Exchange to Exchange, the Rivit team can help you by running your entire project or augmenting your team with the resources needed to succeed.

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