The Domino Reality Check

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Rivit recently launched a new product and service. We called it the Domino Reality check. We really struggled with the message.

I’ve been in the Lotus world since 1993. That’s a long time. We based a company around the strength and our personal beliefs in Lotus Notes. But in current times we see it struggling in the market.

So we developed a service around giving people the reality of their situation. Are they using the right product? Is domino providing me what I need? If I decide to migrate what is the cost?

That’s the Domino Reality Check!

A great service for people who want to move off the platform or stay on it!


As a Lotus Domino user, the pressure to move to a new platform has never been greater. Your peers, your executives, and your trusted advisors continue to question the future viability of the Domino platform. The decision however, is no easy task. A decision to move mail clients can be straight forward, but the added complexity of applications makes the decision risky, and the evaluation process cumbersome.

Rivit Technology Partners has developed a fact based decision support program designed to arm the IT executive team with a complete understanding of the entire Domino environment. The analysis and subsequent report will not only quantify the true cost of migrating mail users, it’s value extends to include the entire Domino Application landscape.


1.  What does staying with Domino mean?

Can the environment be optimized to reduce cost, and improve overall performance
What are the unrealized total potential cost savings
2.  Are we a candidate for a cloud based email solution?

How are users currently consuming email services and can the current network support a cloud based environment?
Which solution and configuration is best for you?
What does the cost/benefit scenario look like?

3.  What would a move to Exchange really cost?

What investment in infrastructure would be required to run exchange?
What is the total effort and cost of an email migration project?
What are the future support costs compared to Domino?
4.  What is the cost of migrating the Domino Applications?

What Domino applications are deployed across the environment?
What applications are in use, and what do those usage patterns look like?
What is the complexity of each application?
What applications interact with mail and what is the nature of the interaction?
What applications do you eliminate, web enable, or migrate/rewrite?
What is the total cost and effort to rewrite these applications?
Our complete and unbiased program will allow you to make the correct decisions with respect to the future of your Domino environment.


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