Microsoft 365 vs LotusLive – Part 1.

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With the launch of Rivit we decided to rethink the way we do business. We had a number of ideas about how the company had to be run:

  1. Stay small. Try to do the best job you can with the right number of people. A large number of employees doesn’t make a better company.
  2. Stay light. It is important to move with the market. Know what your clients want and try to get there before they want it.
  3. Avoid politics. There ...
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Introducing Rivit Technology Partners

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Effective July 1, Rivit Technology Partners, a company created from metaLogic, will take full responsibility of the product division of metaLogic.  A decision was made recently to create a new company that would remain focused in the Lotus Domino arena.  Our product division is important to us and we feel this spin off will give us all the ability to provide you and our products the important focus and attention required.  The core group of people that have worked with you over the ...

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