Social Experiment – a bust…

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So I was forced to go with out my Iphone.  I was resolved to go Old School.  It was tough.  I heard phantom rings and vibrations.  I kept checking my pockets so that I could get my Iphone and check for email.  But by the third day I started feeling good.  The sense of urgency to life was gone.  I spent more time getting things done, meeting with people face to face, actually being engaged in a conversation with out being rude and checking for messages.  My kids absolutely loved it.

All good things come to an end.  I got a call from the Apple store that a phone had arrived.

Like a true junkie I dropped everything and raced to pick it up.

But the same sense of urgency that I had prior to this experiment seems to be gone.  I’ve now taken to leaving the Iphone in the Car during meeting and family engagements.


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