So maybe Domino isn’t dead yet…

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Since becoming Rivit we’ve been focused more and more on the transition of our clients away from Domino or the notes client.  We’ve been working with Binary Tree (BTW. great people and great software – on migrating email and working with our friends at DLI to move Domino Applications to a browser based domino framework using DOCOVA (

However since November we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Domino World.  Especially on our product side.   We saw a huge uptake on all of our products.

  • Enforcer Domino backend clients increased licensing and our clients are fully entrenched in the product.  New clients came on board and confirmed that Enforcer Domino is still the easiest and fasted archive solution for Domino users.
  • Enforcer Relational backend brought on new clients as we worked on improving scalability and performance.  This makes Enforcer the lowest cost alternative to keeping your domino email archives outside of Domino.
  • Pursuit brought on new clients and we saw the return of old clients.  Seems that some clients decided not to migrate after all.  Pursuit is still the fastest Domino search, discovery, destroy application for Domino.
  • And, last but not the least, Fetch Retriever.  Our original product that delivered the best Mail Recall solution for domino increased sales through new clients, additional licensing and the return of old clients.  Our old clients, who had taken the route of using the native Domino Recall, returned to us stating that our feature set and the level of success that Fetch Retriever offered to them still made it the best way to go.  Reasons that they expressed were our ability to recall mail not saved by the sender, recall mail by an administrator, recall mail from blackberry’s, recall mail from large groups, and just the fact that it worked when you wanted it to work.

Check out our new pricing and you’ll see why we had a great year so far.


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