Notes to SharePoint Migration

SharePoint is a robust collaborative platform that is an ideal destination for many Lotus Notes Application Databases. With Rivit’s extensive experience and knowledge with both IBM Notes and Microsoft SharePoint, we can quickly demonstrate how best to migrate standard Notes Databases.

SharePoint Migration Services Include:

  • Architect your SharePoint Environment

    Whether you are deploying to Office 365, an alternative hosting service, or on-premise, it is important to architect your environment for your current and future needs.  Rivit has great experience creating a robust environment for your current and future SharePoint requirements.

  • Build your Taxonomy and Search Strategy

    SharePoint is intended to help you share information throughout your company.  Specifically, an appropriate taxonomy and search strategy to store, classify, and organize data must be created.

  • Help Define your Governance Strategy

    Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes. They control how an organization's business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its overall goals.

  • Migration from Domino

    With our markedly proven Migration process, we'll help you move your Notes databases, including document repositories, team rooms, discussion databases, to SharePoint.

  • Design, Build and Manage your Applications

    We're a proven team of skilled software developers.  We've built a particularly long history of satisfied clients,  who’ve required custom applications. Why go anywhere else?

  • Help you with Hosting

    Rivit understands how important a strong cloud strategy can be for IT efficiency, and service delivery. Rivit's SharePoint cloud enablement program leverages Microsoft Azure.

Setup a Meeting

Interested in working with SharePoint?  To be sure, call us.  We'll come in and quickly take you through how to work with SharePoint successfully.