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Revive is strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications. Revive’s proprietary migration utilities collect and convert the views, forms, code, data, and security, to recreate a modern enterprise application free of the original platform.

    • The Most Effective way to Migrate Large Complex Notes Domino Applications

    • Recreate Like-for-Like Applications Completely Free of the Notes Platform

    • A Non-Proprietary Framework Means You’re Not Locked to Another Dead-End App Platform

    • Migrate & Maintain All of the Original User-Access and Security Parameters

    • Migrate Non-Relational Domino Data to Your Database of Choice

Application Generator

Revive’s Application Generator extracts the views, forms, data and code from the Notes Domino application and recompiles the components into a new enterprise ready application framework.


Application Interface
The new application interface is based on dynamic data grids and advanced forms, replacing the dated Domino view structure, while providing a responsive application that can be used with any desktop or mobile device.
The Revive data grids eliminate the need for multiple views by providing users the ability to add and delete columns while providing filtering, bidirectional sorting, and full text search. These standard features are leveraged to provide quick access to your data .
Forms are also converted to the new interface, and are bundled with highly functional components such as action buttons, sub forms, tabbed tables, collapsible sections, date pickers, type ahead lists, list boxes, and check boxes.


Application Code
All application code including agents, Notes formula language, LotusScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML, is moved from Domino into your new application. Application logic is stored in place to provide for quick analysis and streamlined conversion. Revive also includes Domino like functions simplifying the transition from the original application.


Data Migrator
The Revive Data Migrator moves Domino data to an enterprise Database Management System. Spring/Hibernate is used to maintain all data objects, eliminating the need to do additional data analysis, mapping or cleansing.


Application Access Control

When you migrate one or more applications, user access and security information that was once retained in Notes also needs to be migrated.  Revive migrates the Domino Directory and all application-specific user information into a single user management facility that integrates with your Corporate Directory System.
Applications migrated with Revive continue to support a granular security model, ensuring that access to sensitive data is restricted by business and security authorizations.  Security is managed at multiple levels of the application, all the way down to the Document and Field levels.

System Management

Enterprise applications require the presentation of data in a consistent manner.  Revive collects shared data in one area providing the governance of its content and use.
Application parameters including multilingualism and keyword values (drop-down lists, checkboxes, list-boxes, etc.) are maintained in a central area that provides for easy management across one or more applications.

Non Proprietary Technology

Revive leverages  industry standard, non-proprietary technologies, including a Java Application Server  utilizing Spring/Hibernate combined with a choice of a relational (RDBMS) or non-relational (MongoDB) database.  These carefully selected technologies are fully supportable by most organizations, backed by a vibrant developer community, and easily implemented on site or to any virtual or cloud environment.

Application WorkSpace

The optional Revive WorkSpace is a free application that provides a personalized visual portal where users can access the applications they are authorized to.   The workspace also enables users to edit their accounts, application access, and favorites list.

Download the Revive Solution Overview

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