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Migrate Notes Domino Applications to an Enterprise Web Application

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Complex Domino applications are the most significant challenge to completing a migration from the HCL Notes Domino platform. It’s where migrations to SharePoint and Low Code platforms fail.

Revive Leverages proprietary migration utilities to transform complex Notes Domino applications into a modern web application.

Migration Utilities

Application Generator

Revive extracts the Domino views and forms and generates a new modern application.

Logic Migration

Application logic is migrated to the new application for analysis and streamlined conversion.

Data Migrator

Domino data is migrated to an enterprise SQL Database without the need for analysis, mapping or cleansing.

User Profile Management

Application user information is migrated and integrated with the corporate directory system.

Application Advantages


Leveraging industry-standard web technologies including Spring Boot, React JS and MS SQL, migrated applications are fully supported by a vibrant corporate and developer community.

Intuitive UI/UX

Dynamic data grids and advanced forms replace the original application interface and provide column selection, filtering, bidirectional sorting, and full text search.

Mobile Ready

The new responsive application can be used and consumed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Cloud Ready

Migrated applications can be easily implemented to any virtual and cloud environment.


Migrated applications support a granular security model, ensuring that security is maintained down to Document and Field levels.

Systems Integration

Applications migrated with Revive include a restful API that can be used for bidirectional data integration with other systems.

Application Management

Parameters including multilingualism, keyword values, and drop-down lists are centrally governed for one or more applications.

Modern Workspace

 A Revive WorkSpace can be rolled out to end-users for self-service management of their application access.

Reduced Costs

Migration Accelerators

The Revive migration utilities reduce the overall time and cost of migrating complex applications by up to 75% of a pure application rewrite.

No Licensing Costs

A non-proprietary enterprise technology stack means your organization is free from future licensing costs.

Change Management Impact

Revive eliminates the need for requirements gathering and end-user training as the new application is based on the features and functions of the existing Domino application.

Migrate & Modernize

Find Out Why Our Customer’s Trust Rivit’s Revive Solution to Handle Their Most Complex Migration Challenges

Preserve The Long-Term Accessibility of Notes Domino Applications

Dcom is an Enterprise Application Archiving solution that preserves access to legacy Domino application databases completely independent of HCL Notes Domino.

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