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I love music. I spend a great deal of time looking for music that I might be interested in. I used to love listening to the alternative rock station in toronto because it always played music that you would never hear on mainstream radio. Once the music I listened to made it to mainstream I wasn’t interested in it anymore. Well, the alternative rock station is mainstream now. Mainstream radio is boring. So I no longer listen to radio.

Finding new music is a challenge. Tower records is gone. HMV might as well be gone as well. Internet radio is interesting but I don’t like it. Pandora isn’t available in Canada. I love Spotify but being Canadian I could only use their trial (by making it look like I was American). So recently I tried RDIO.

I’ll say it up front. RDIO is not as good as Spotify but being the only game in town I tried it for a month. I had some real dislike for their interface. The desktop continually conflicted with a my AV program and would crash continually. The Iphone interface only sync’d through wireless and would seem to stop syncing if it was not in the forefront or if the Iphone wasn’t awake. I also found it to be slow. Jumping to different parts of a song was slow. Random was really random. You could pick a song to start from but the second song always seemed to be the top of your playlist. If you went backwards it didn’t keep track of your playlist order so it was random going forward and backward. The biggest problem was I couldn’t seem to shuffle my whole collection. I could only shuffle within an album or within a playlist. Building a playlist was a pain. I definitly preferred the spotify interface. But enough of the bad stuff.

What I really liked about RDIO was it’s use of social networking. You could find new music by looking at other peoples playlists. See what other people are interest in. You could also find music by looking at musical genre or similar bands or similar music. But the social networking aspect of discovering music is huge. Finding what other people are interested in is far better then reading a review, or listening to the radio, or going to myspace, etc…. I found myself reviewing playlists and finding bands that I had never heard of. For this alone I’ll keep RDIO. For all of its faults and warts it has introduced me to new music.

Ok.. that brings me full circle to my reason for blogging. I discovered this band. But I’m to late. They broke up a couple of years ago. The bands name was Jump, little children. They started in 1991 and played their final show in 2005. They produce two indie albums, 5 studio albums, and one live album. Their music was on TV’s show. But I had never heard of them. Their music went from Radiohead, to folk, to rock, etc… It was an eclectic mixture of music worth listening to.

RDIO introduced me to a JUMP song called Come Around which, was found on their Vertigo Album (reading reviews people stated that this album was Radioheadish). I then found Catherals and close your eyes off their magazine album. I then kept following the trail of popular music as defined by RDIO. I finally bought all their albums on ITUNES. I can’t say enough about the band and their music. It’s too bad that I found them 6 years after they broke up but it is still worth listening too.

And I have social networking on RDIO to thank for it.



  1. Curt Stone  October 28, 2011

    Interesting post.
    I’ve had my adventures in this space as well.
    I’ve tried Rhapsody, Napster, RDIO, Spotify and back to Rhapsody. Just set Rhapsody back up because they bought Napster. I left Rhapsody because they didn’t have downloading to phone at the time and Napster did. Just when I was beginning to like and get used to Napster, they were bought out.
    I got an email from RDIO to try them again for free. I tried logging in but my password wouldn’t work and I couldn’t reset from my iPad. Gave up.
    I like your idea of the “social” aspect.
    Maybe I’ll try RDIO again.


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