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Rivit's migration solutions will help you eliminate Notes Domino once and for all

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Domino Application Solutions

Our MigrateMe service creates modern applications from your legacy critical Notes applications quickly and license-free.​

Migrate complex legacy Notes Domino applications to a modern enterprise application.​

Domino Application Solutions

Archive Notes Domino applications and provides easy-to-use, secure copies of legacy databases.​

Gain insight into the importance and complexity of your legacy Notes applications so you can complete your migration planning. It’s FREE.​

Start by using App|analyser to perform a FREE analysis of all your Domino Applications.

Migration Experts

Rivit has specialized in assisting organizations migrate from the Lotus Notes platform since 2011. Our team has the deepest migration knowledge in the industry.

Purpose Built Solutions

Rivit’s solutions were strategically created for the migration and/or archiving of Notes Domino applications. We used to be pure Domino experts, but the decision to become Rivit was an entirely new direction with new purpose built solutions.

Modern Application Standards

Our industry standard application stack means migrated applications are easy to maintain by your own resources. Avoid unique proprietary platforms that will almost guarantee higher maintenance costs and the likelihood of another migration sooner than later.

Ready to use Base Functionality

It’s one thing to migrate an application, but what about the additional features you depended upon in Lotus Notes? Features such as User and System Management, and Security that Lotus Notes provided is included in every solution we provide.


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