Often, the process to migrate from IBM Notes can be lengthy . While a Notes Email migration is straight-forward, trying to move any sizable amount of IBM Notes & Domino applications to a modern platform is a comparatively complex project. For this reason, Rivit has developed the most comprehensive migration process. Particularly, Rivit's deep experience migrating IBM Notes and Domino applications to a modern web application platform and SharePoint will reduce the cost and time to complete your migration.

  • MigrateMe will cut a migration program by 50%. –Rob Salerno, Chief Technology Strategist


MigrateMe Process

Step 1: The Migration Assessment

Only with a complete understanding of the current Lotus Notes environment, can an organization plan a successful migration. Rivit Technology Partners has developed a no cost, fact based, decision support program.

Leveraging Rivit’s “APPAnalyzer” utility, our assessment provides an exact inventory of all Domino applications in the environment. When gathering this inventory, we are also able to capture important information about each database. Notably, by anlysing database complexity and usage history, we confirm the best approach for migrating each application. This assessment will create the foundation for the migration and elimination of every IBM Notes Domino database in your environment.

Step 2: Migration Archiving

The reduction in total migration scope is critical to a cost-effective migration. Until the introduction of Dcom, the only alternative to migrating applications was eliminating them completely. Dcom is a low-cost archive solution that preserves the fidelity and long-term accessibility of legacy IBM Notes & Domino databases completely free of the original platform. As a result, authorized users can securely access important legacy data with complete familiarity.

Step 3: Leveraging SharePoint

Migrating standard IBM Notes applications; team rooms, discussion databases, and document repositories to SharePoint, is particularly quick and cost-effective. Marketly, Rivit has an experienced team with a proven rapid process for moving databases from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.

There are plenty of companies that claim the ability to migrate IBM Notes to SharePoint, but in reality, few do it well. .

Step 4: Migrate Complex Applications to a Modern Web Application

Complex IBM Domino applications is the highest proportion of cost and effort of a migration. Accordingly, Rivit investes significant time and effort to create the best-case migration scenario, specifically for complex IBM Domino applications. Rivit leverages proprietary migration tools to transition complex Domino applications to a modern web application stack.

Ultimately, Rivit’s “MigrateMe” solution will reduce considerable time, effort and cost of your application migration initiative.

Step 5: Application Development

Applications that require improved functionality will require enhancements during the migration process.  We work closely with you to assess your current Notes application while documenting the changes required to meet current and future requirements of the application. Consequently, with this information, we document the development effort to create the improved application in the new framework.