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MigrateMe is the fastest and least costly solution for Migrating Complex Notes Applications

Rivit has dedicated the past ten years to refining the process of migrating Notes Domino Applications. Our industry-first solutions and hardened migration practice ensure a swift migration of even your most complex Notes Domino applications.

Migrating complex, custom-built, Notes Domino applications continue to be the greatest obstacle to completing a full migration from the Notes platform. Because Notes Domino applications often integrate native platform services such as full-text search, granular or document-level security, embedded email, embedded views, document links, and infinite scroll with custom Notes formula language, LotusScript, java, javascript, HTML, CSS, and XML, migrating these applications while maintaining all of the functions and features is a unique and complex challenge.

To avoid a complete redevelopment project for each of these Notes Domino applications, Rivit’s MigrateMe migration services leverage our proprietary Revive solution. Revive is a modern and open platform based on current enterprise standards and includes a set of migration utilities and core features designed specifically for the full conversion of complex Notes Domino applications.

MigrateMe recreates ‘like-for-like” applications by modelling the new application from an existing Notes Domino application inclusive of its features, functions and distilled business processes. Not only does the process eliminate the need for a time-consuming and costly requirements phase, but it also means your users will require little to no training on the new application. The impact on your organization is minimal.

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  • Application Workspace where users can access the applications they are authorized to.

  • Advanced Forms and Modern Views guarantee a huge lift to dated Domino applications.

  • User Management leveraging Active Directory for the migrated application-specific access information

  • Access Control and Document Security ensures access to sensitive data is limited to business and security authorization as per the original Notes app.

Download the MigrateMe Solution Overview

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We know your problem, your options, and how to get the job done. And we do it all with no license costs to you.

Revive is strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications.

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