It can take a long time to migrate from IBM Lotus Notes. While a Notes Email migration is straightforward, trying to move any sizable amount of IBM Notes & Domino applications to can be a complex project if inexperienced.  

Rivit has developed the most comprehensive migration process. Leveraging Rivit's deep expertise in migrating IBM Notes and Domino applications to SharePoint and a modern web application platform will reduce the cost and time to complete your migration!

  • MigrateMe will cut a migration program by 50%. –Rob Salerno, Chief Technology Strategist


MigrateMe Process

Step 1: The Migration Assessment

Only with a complete understanding of the current environment can an organization plot the appropriate course of action. Rivit Technology Partners has developed a no cost, fact based, decision support program that will arm your migration team with a complete understanding of the entire Lotus Notes application environment including the how best to approach each unique database. Leveraging Rivit’s APPAnalyzer (Lotus Notes Migration Analysis solution) this assessment provides the foundation for the migration and elimination of every Lotus Notes database.

Step 2: Migration Archiving

Critical to a cost effective migration is the reduction in total migration scope.  Until the introduction of Dcom, the only alternative to migrating applications was eliminating them completely.  Dcom is a low cost storage solution that preserves the fidelity and long-term accessibility of Notes data completely free of the Lotus platform. With just a few clicks, Lotus Notes data is completely extracted and stored in Dcom where authorized users securely access important data with complete familiarity. 

Step 3: Leveraging SharePoint

Standard Lotus Notes applications, including team rooms, discussion databases, document repositories, can be migrated to SharePoint quickly and cost effectively. Rivit has an experienced team and a proven process for moving applications from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.  There are a lot of companies that say they can migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint, but few do it well.  

Step 4: Migrate Complex Applications to a Modern Web Application

The migration of complex business critical Lotus Notes Applications represents the highest effort and cost to migrate. Rivit Technology Partners has invested significant time and effort to identify the best-case migration scenario for complex Lotus Notes applications. Rivit leverages customized repeatable processes combined with migration automation to transition complex Lotus Notes applications to a modern web application stack, saving time and effort over the alternative.

Step 5: Application Development

Applications that require improved functionality during the migration will require some level of redevelopment with the migration. Working closely with your business units, Rivit can assess the current Notes application, document the changes required to meet the current and future needs of the application, and detail the development effort to create the application on the new platform.