Microsoft didn’t kill Wordperfect – Novell Did…. Sounds Like history is ready to repeat itself.

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wordperfect LogoAn outstanding anti-trust suit existed against Microsoft on whether they had acted inappropriately in aiding in the demise of Wordperfect.  Microsoft took action and asked for the case to be closed.  The judge in the case found that it was not the actions of Microsoft that killed Wordperfect.  It was the actions, or rather, the inaction of Novell that killed the product.

At the time that Windows98 had been released, Novell delayed the next release of Wordperfect.  Their inability to bring it to market is what killed the product.

Sounds like History is repeating itself.  Research in Motion has a limited window of opportunity before it follows Wordperfect and becomes irrelevant.  The ability for a company to move with its client base is essential.  Your clients are your fans.  You have to give them what they want and it has to compete with what they don’t have.  When what they don’t have becomes more important to them you’ve lost.

RIM’s inability to deliver their next generation OS to its own client base is going to kill the company.  They were the leaders in the industry and they sat on their laurels.  They stopped delivering bleed edge technology.  Now they can’t even catch  up.  RIM is now ready to become a member of the unimportant.





  1. Len Berg  July 16, 2012

    I was a software instructor at that time and remember the popularity of WordPerfect. This pre-dates Windows 98. As I remember, when Windows 3.1 and later Windows 95 was released Microsoft was not releasing enough technical information to allow other vendors to switch from DOS based software to Windows. Microsoft, at that time, claimed that their OS and Application divisions were totally separate so that MS Office had no advantage to other competing vendors. Years later they proudly claimed that MS Office was the best office suite because of the close development of Windows and MS Office.

    Paradox and DBase were great database programs but they, as well, struggled to port their applications to Windows. Microsoft rushed to market with Access to grab that market. The original product was terrible but gave MS enough of a toe hold in the market that their updates and patches made the product successful.

    • Rob Salerno  July 16, 2012

      Hi Len… Good point. I’m sure that Microsoft, like Apple, accelerates the demise of their competitors doing things that are questionable. Look at Microsoft actions during the Netscape vs Explorer wars.


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