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Rivit can Help you Keep Your Legacy HCL Domino Applications Up-to-Date With Your Evolving Business.

HCL Domino v12 is a major milestone to enrich the application development
ecosystem for business users and professional IT developers and provides
essential business value with low TCO. The newest version is web and
mobile-ready, includes low-code capability, and is cloud-native. Because the platform has always been backwards-compatible, an upgrade from any release to v12 is direct, fast, and easy.

Eliminate desktop client upgrades

With Nomad web, access to HCL Domino apps is now on a
browser and always up to date. Developers can take advantage
of web-browser and mobile-device app delivery without
modification. As a business user, you can take Domino apps
wherever you work, and on any device to get your work done.

HCL Volt

Get the most out of HCL domino
with easy, direct upgrades

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Rivit has been supporting clients on the Notes Domino platform for over 20 years. We have a team of seasoned administrators and developers that can work with your organization to leverage the great new features of Domino 12.

Cloud Native Architecture

deploy and manage your hcl software products on the cloud of your choice

Anyone can build apps - fast - with low code

Business users can use HCL Domino Volt to automate their processes by developing powerful apps and workflows without any programming experience. Extend the value of your Domino investment by leveraging the same infrastructure, governance, and security, without the risk of shadow IT.

Cloud-native flexible backups & enhanced security

Deploy anywhere - on-prem, hybrid, or any cloud of your choice and back up HCL Domino with your preferred solution such as Veeam. New security features that make Domino stronger include Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP), automating certificate management, and biometric authentication.

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