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Bring Your Legacy HCL Domino Applications Up-to-Date With Your Evolving Business.

HCL Domino v12 is a major milestone! This newest version is web and mobile-ready, includes low-code capability, and is cloud-native.

And as always, an upgrade from any release to v12 is direct, fast, and easy.

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Your Domino Apps Everywhere

HCL Nomad brings the power of HCL Domino applications beyond the desktop, directly to where your users need to be. Deliver the same applications, unparalleled security, and offline capabilities to any device.


HCL Software Solution

• Domino applications can be directly accessed online or can be replicated to your mobile device for offline access without modification.

• No longer do you have to worry about maintaining the desktop Notes clients.

• Information is locally encrypted for securing your data.

• All original business logic of your applications functions on the mobile device, including LotusScript, complex forms, and buttons.

• Utilize mobile device functionality to augment your workflow. Access cameras, photos, and files on your device, add location information, and more

Unleash the Power of Your Desktop Domino Application!

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Build Enterprise Apps Lightning Fast

HCL Domino Volt is your solution for citizen developers to build powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade applications on the proven Domino platform. With no specialized IT skills required, you can empower your business users to build applications for document management, secure audit compliance and more. Extend your Domino investment today with Domino Volt.


• Extend and enhance the value of your Domino apps by building new apps that interact with their data and agents.

• New HCL Link capabilities let IT define and manage connections for Domino Volt designers to build into their apps. Examples include SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, REST, ODATA, JDBC and many more!

• Define document workflows down to the user level to determine who gets assigned, notified, what they see and can do, what connections are called and who get alerts when the process is complete.

• The style editor lets business developers customize the look of their apps without having to know CSS.

• IT admin controls include defining who can create and use apps, what types and sizes of files can be added, which services and integrations are allowed, as well as the ability to sandbox the use of JavaScript.

Domino Restart – Easy to Come Back, Easy to Move Forward

With Domino Restart, Domino users without maintenance and support can now upgrade to Domino 12, penalty-fee!

An upgrade to v12 is direct, fast, and easy due to HCL’s continued commitment to ensuring your Domino applications today will run unchanged on the Domino of tomorrow allowing you to utilize the latest benefits and technology with full backwards compatibility.

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