Fetch Pursuit and Fetch Retriever have now been integrated to provide the fastest and most effective way to locate and capture Lotus Notes Email messages. Fetch provides authorized users with a fast and thorough way to find, isolate and investigate Email wherever it resides in your environment.  Instantly target, identify, examine and eliminate all harmful or precarious content with Fetch. 

Target, Capture & Eliminate Hazardous Data

  • Prevent the transmission and spread of malicious information and sensitive content by locating and removing the content.
  • Capture and quarantine spam, viruses and malware that have eluded your mail security perimeter.

Email Access Status

  • Review with 100% accuracy the read or access status of each and every Email within your organization.
  • Understand the potential extent of damage from messages sent in error or with malicious intent by knowing who has opened and read the Email.

Content Monitoring

  • Continually monitor data and mail files to prevent the sharing of sensitive or inappropriate content.
  • Enforce policies to minimize risk associated with contravention of corporate and human resource standards.

Advanced Email Retraction

  • Fetch goes far beyond the retraction limitations offered in Lotus Notes by providing both end users and/or administrators with the most powerful tool for eliminating sent Email.
  • Instantly retract any message, regardless of origin, including Email that no longer resides in the sent mail folder, Email sent to mobile devices, re-sent or forwarded Email, and Email sent by mass mailing tools.

Data Purging

  • Target all mail based on any combination of users, location, date, size etc., and isolate it from your mail environment.
  • Manage the retention periods of all mail based on groups, users and various mail criteria.

Unmatched Search & Discovery  

  • Multi threading and the ability to perform the simultaneous search of multiple servers expedites the search process while delivering aggregated search results.
  • Automated on-the-fly indexing enables attachment searching on all databases.

Data Quarantine and Results Review

  • Capture and quarantine data or copy results to secondary storage for further analysis.
  • Restore content from the quarantine to the location from which it was removed.
  • Optionally leave a stub behind when content is removed or lock content from deletions and alterations.


  • Comprehensive rights management capability controls accessability to functions and manages what databases are accessible or inaccesible.
  • All actions and requests are logged for compliance purposes.


  • Fetch is fast and easy to deploy, and our support staff is always available to answer any of your questions.
  • Fetch has been deployed to over 500,000 users around the world! 

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