Fetch and Enforcer

Enterprise Email Compliance Solutions

Fetch Lotus Notes Email Discovery and Recall

Fetch provides authorized users with a fast and thorough way to find, isolate and investigate Email wherever it resides in your environment. We instantly target, find, check and eliminate all harmful or precarious content with Fetch.

  • Target, Capture & Eliminate Hazardous Data
  • Review the Email Access/read Status of sent messages
  • Monitor email content for risk and compliance
  • Advanced Email Retraction for messages sent to mobile devices, re-sent or forwarded Email, and Email sent by mass mailing tools
  • Manage the retention periods of all mail based on groups, users and various mail criteria
  • Perform fast and thorough Search & Discovery across multiple servers with Automated on-the-fly indexing while delivering aggregated search results
  • Capture and quarantine data or copy results to secondary storage for further analysis
  • Log all activities for compliance purposes

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Enforcer Enterprise Email Archiving & Discovery

Enforcer is a robust and scalable email management solution that addresses the complexities of email archiving and compliance in small and large organizations.  The benefits of using Enforcer are effective risk mitigation, improved responsiveness, and a reduction in costs associated with manually managing email compliance.

  • Monitor and manage email content to prevent the dissemination of sensitive and inappropriate content
  • Enforce email policies specific to your organizations standards and rules for acceptable email use
  • Reduce primary mail storage requirements by moving email to secondary archive servers, while providing end users with transparent access to archived email
  • Capture and archive email directly from the user’s mailbox based on groups and users, and various mail criteria
  • Store a single instance of messages and attachments reducing storage requirements
  • Manage the retention periods of all mail based on groups and users, and various mail criteria
  • Create and execute discovery queries against all or specified portions of your email infrastructure; effectively searching for messages and attachments using any combination of message attributes and content
  • Perform federated searches, allowing the simultaneous search of multiple servers. Distributes search requests to each server, expediting the search process while   delivering aggregated search results
  • Hold search results in discovery repositories facilitating for further investigation, and/or distribution

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