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Migrate Notes Applications to a Modern Enterprise Application

Revive is strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications. Proprietary migration utilities collect and convert the views, forms, code, data, and security.


Revive's Application Generator extracts the views, forms, data and code from the Notes Domino application and recompiles the components into a new enterprise-ready application.

User Access & Security

Revive migrates all of the application-specific user and access information and continues to support a granular securIty model all the way down to document and field levels.

non-proprietary technology

Revive leverages industry-standard, non-proprietary technologies, including Java Application Server utilizing Spring/ Hibernate combined with a choice of a relational or non-relational database.

Rivit's Migration Solutions

Preserve The Long-Term Accessibility of Notes Domino Applications

Dcom is an Enterprise Application Archiving solution that preserves access to legacy Domino application databases completely independent of HCL Notes Domino.

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Complex Domino applications are the most significant challenge to completing a migration from the HCL Notes Domino platform. It’s where migrations to SharePoint and Low Code platforms fail.

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Revive Leverages proprietary migration utilities to transform complex Notes Domino applications into a modern web application which reduces the overall time and cost of migrating complex applications by up to 75%. Rivit has dedicated the past ten years to refining the process of migrating Notes Domino Applications to an enterprise web application.