Migration Archiving for Lotus Notes Application & Mail Databases

The Dcom Solution

The reduction in project scope and effort is critical to a cost-effective migration. Until the introduction of Dcom, the only alternative to migrating applications was eliminating them completely. Dcom is a low-cost archive solution that preserves the fidelity and long-term accessibility of legacy IBM Notes & Domino data completely free of the original platform. To summarize, Dcom extracts Lotus Notes data from IBM Notes and stores it in Dcom.  As a result, your authorized users will securely access important legacy data with complete familiarity.

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Dcom Advantages

Why Leverage Dcom?

  • Dcom is a fast and cost effective way to create carbon copies of your original IBM/Notes email and application databases.
  • Dcom easily integrates with Outlook, where users can access legacy mail and applications.  Alternatively, all databases can be accessed via the Dcom Web Interface.
  • Dcom - is completely independent of Lotus Notes and requires no additional licensing.
  • It’s simple to deploy, use, and manage so your organization can start leveraging the benefits of Dcom immediately.
  • All archives are indexed and fully searchable and sortable in either Outlook or the Web interface.
  • It allows you to build new applications on new platforms without having to consider the impact of data size and complexity of the original Domino application.
  • It converts Notes documents into PDF format preserving the original data and providing an industry standard presentation of documents. (for compliance, legal or reference purposes).
  • Dcom preserves Lotus Notes access control settings and author/reader field access controls during the Dcom data migration process for ease of set up and a secure data repository.
  • Dcom also provides the ability to export the XML data into another platform at any point in the future.

Architecture & Security

Dcom provides a secure and highly scalable platform with enterprise-ready features including high availability, clustering, and load balancing.  Dcom converts all of Domino data to XML.  Additionally, SQL is used to maintain all page indexes, user and group information, and access control information.  The PHP layer is used to manage authentication and application authorization and provides all session management and administration functions.  Furthermore, the Apache web server provides the delivery engine for all of the XML views, XML documents and access to the document repository.  Finally, Dcom also utilizes Javascript and JQUERY to create a dynamic user interface.

Licensing and Services

You can leverage Dcom in one of two ways.

  • By deploying Dcom Enterprise, administrators can manage the transition of Databases from Lotus Notes to Dcom, and support the roll out to users.
  • Dcom on Cloud provides a full turn-key and hosting solution. Rivit will also convert your databases and move them to your own instance of Dcom for secure and easy access.
  • Rivit is here to help through the entire process. Dcom licenses come with support to aid in deployments, database processing, and viewer management.

Archive Examples

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Rivit’s Dcom POC Kick Start Program is intended to demonstrate the benefits of Dcom with no cost and little effort for your organization. Rivit’s POC kick start program starts with the execution of the Migration Assessment. Using Rivit's APPAnalyzer solution, we will show you the possible destination platforms for each Lotus Notes database application, including the Dcom Database Archiving Solution.

Together, we will then identify two Notes Domino databases that meet your criteria for application archiving. Rivit will then convert the databases to Dcom and make them available in our secure Cloud for your organization to analyze at any time.  Finally, as an added bonus, the APPAnalyzer is yours to keep for further migration analysis.

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