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Domino Application Archiving

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Dcom transitions Domino applications to web-based XML archives, converting all of the documents to PDF, while maintaining all of the user information including the original access security completely free of the original platform.

Simple & Fast Archiving

Archiving is as simple as choosing the Notes Domino applications and views you want to archive from the Dcom Extractor utility and hitting the start button.

In minutes, the original database is copied and moved to the Dcom Viewer for secure and easy end user access.

Intuitive End-User Experience

Dcom reproduces the familiar Notes Domino interface of views, documents, preview pane, rich text, embedded attachments, and document/database links.

Because the look and feel of the archived database mirror the familiar Lotus Notes interface your users can start accessing the archive databases without training.

Secure Accessibility

All of the user access controls of the original application database are replicated to the Archive so users can only access what they were originally approved to.

Dcom also integrates with Outlook so users have the option to access
archives directly from their mail client.

Compliance & Discovery

During the archive process, all Notes documents are converted to PDF/PDFA format, preserving the original data in the industry standard.

All archives are indexed in the Dcom viewer and provide full filtering and discovery capabilities within a single application database, or across multiple/all databases.

Easy to Configure

Dcom imports the Notes Address Book and automatically configures access and security so you can be up and running instantly.

Dcom viewer integrates with Active Directory and supports Single Sign-on using SAML or OAuth.

Enterprise Architecture

Dcom is secure and highly scalable with enterprise-ready features including high availability, clustering, and load balancing.

SQL is used to maintain all page indexes, user and group information, and access control information.

The PHP layer is used to manage authentication and application authorization and provides all session management and administrative functions.

The Apache web server provides the delivery engine for the XML views, XML documents and access to the document repository.

Dcom Will Expedite Your Entire Notes Domino Migration

• Archiving Lotus Notes Database Applications is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reduce your migration project scope.

• No other archiving solution provides the features and benefits of Dcom. It’s why it’s the industry leader for Archiving Lotus Notes databases.

Migrate Your Legacy Notes Domino Applications

Rivit has dedicated the past ten years to refining the process of migrating Notes Domino Applications to an enterprise web application.

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