Your migration success hinges the complete elimination of the Notes Domino platform. Dcom is the fastest and safest way to expedite the process without the risk of losing important data.

Preserve the long-term accessibility of legacy Notes Domino Applications and Mail completely free of the original platform with the most complete enterprise solution available.

Dcom will expedite your entire Notes Domino Migration

  • Dcom was the first and only purpose built solution designed specifically for enterprise archiving of Lotus Notes applications.

  • No other archiving solution provides the features and benefits of Dcom. It’s why it’s the industry leader for Archiving Lotus Notes databases.

  • Archiving Lotus Notes Database Applications is the fastest and most cost effective way to reduce your migration project scope.

  • Reducing the total migration scope is critical to completing a Lotus Notes platform migration quickly and cost effectively.



  • The Dcom solution is comprised of a Notes database extractor and a web application.
  • The Dcom Extractor replicates both simple and complex Lotus Notes application views in XML, while rendering all documents to pdf/pdf-A. All of the original attachments, doc links and security controls (ACL’s) are also extracted to the archived database. Once you've completed all of your database archiving, the Dcom Extractor gets Decommissioned.
  • The extracted image of the original database is then moved to the Dcom Viewer web application where it can be securely accessed by end users.


A Simple Archive Process

  • Archiving databases is simple and fast using the Dcom Database Extractor.
  • Pick the database you want to archive from the database list in Extractor - choose the views you want to export - and hit the start button.
  • The database is converted and loaded into the Dcom Viewer automatically.
  • Because Dcom automatically replicates the Access Control Lists (ACL's) from Notes, the pre-existing security access to databases and documents will be maintained for all users.

End User Experience

  • Dcom is simple to deploy, manage and use so your organization can start leveraging the benefits of Dcom immediately.
  • The look and feel of the Dcom Viewer mirrors the familiar Lotus Notes interface of views, documents and preview pane, rich text and embedded attachments so your users can start accessing the archive databases intuitively and without training.
  • Dcom also provides the added benefits of faster response times, and better data management through content sorting filtering and search capabilities.
  • End users can also add or remove databases to their “favorites” short-list of databases from the full library of archived databases they had previous access to in Notes.


Compliance and Discovery

  • Notes documents are converted to PDF/PDF A format preserving the original data and providing an industry standard for storage and presentation of documents.
  • All Dcom archives are indexed in the Dcom viewer and provide full search and filtering capabilities.
  • Discovery can be done within a single database or across multiple or all databases.


Information Security

  • Dcom preserves the Lotus Notes access control settings, and the author reader field access control during the Dcom data migration process providing both database and document level security in the converted and archived database.
  • Your users will have seamless and secure access to legacy Notes data with no additional access or security configuration required.


Configuring Dcom for your Users

  • During the deployment of the Dcom Viewer, your full Notes Address Book is imported.
  • The Dcom Viewer is also connected to Active Directory.
  • Single Sign On is supported using SAML or OAUTH.
  • Dcom also easily integrates with Outlook where users have the option to access legacy mail and applications directly from their new mail client instead of the web interface.



  • Dcom is secure and highly scalable with enterprise-ready features including high availability, clustering, and load balancing.
  • SQL is used to maintain all page indexes, user and group information, and access control information.
  • The PHP layer is used to manage authentication and application authorization and provides all session management and administration functions.
  • The Apache web server provides the delivery engine for the XML views, XML documents and access to the document repository.
  • Dcom utilizes Javascript and JQUERY to create a dynamic user interface.



  • Our low-cost Enterprise license means you can archive as many databases as you require and provide access to anyone or everyone in your organization.

“We turned off our Lotus Notes Archive server last week, so our users are totally using Dcom now!  Yeah!!!  The users love it!”

Rivit welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate Dcom to your organization. Together, we'll convert a few of your databases and grant your community secure access so they can see the benefits of Dcom first hand!

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