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 Rivit prides itself on delivering creative and cost effective solutions to complex challenges.

Custom App Development

Rivit’s application services group focuses on the custom development and configuration of applications built with leading and innovative technologies. We pride ourselves on an honest, hardworking, skilled team and a successful 20-year history working with devoted clients to build, modernize, and manage business critical applications.

Our goal is to provide the greatest value to an organization in the least amount of time and cost. We collaborate with you to create a detailed vision for the application and how it will ultimately serve the organization. We then leverage the technologies that will deliver the strongest value to the application and organization.

Development Methodology

Rivit uses a hybrid approach to software development adapting best practices to the needs of the project and the clients we are working with. We approach each project with a lean team of Rivit and client subject matter experts for an efficient collaborative process. Our development methodology ensures a balance exists between evolving requirements, deliverables, and budget.

Requirements and Discovery

RIncremental collaborative discovery is very important to Rivit’s iterative approach to software development. The thorough understanding, and documentation of requirements will allow us to confirm and/or adjust our vision to ensure continued delivery of functionality that has both purpose, and measurable results.

User Design

Design is absolutely critical to the usability, acceptability, and operational efficiency of an application. This conviction is why Rivit employs amazing resources for design. The collaboration of our UI/UE experts with our development teams is vital, with the mutual respect between teams highlighted by the quality of applications we deliver.

Project Management

Rivit believes that the key to a successful project is a strong Project Management process. The key to a strong Project Management process is to have not only knowledgeable and extremely capable people, but to also have the systems in place to assist them.

Quality Assurance

Rivit prides itself on delivering the highest quality code possible. All members of the team accepting responsibility for their deliverables accomplish this. When possible, automated testing is created by our developers to scrutinize the code as best as possible before final integration. At minimum, every developer is responsible for unit testing their deliverables.


Rivit provides maintenance activities for most of our long-term clients. This activity can be part of a larger support program for the application or can be updates offered periodically to the application as required.

Notes Domino Application Development Services

Whether you’re enhancing a current application to meet expanded business requirements, or looking to develop an entirely new application, you need expert developers that will turn around the project quickly and cost-effectively.

Rivit has been developing applications on the platform for over 20 years. We have a team of seasoned Domino developers that can work with your organization to enhance and maintain your Notes applications and the overall effectiveness of the HCL platform.

Rivit adheres to a structured Software Development Lifecycle that guarantees the lowest cost and fastest code delivery. Our development team leads will analyse the current application, architect the required changes, and oversee the development. The entire application will see both unit and regression testing before being delivered to your environment for end-user testing. And everything we do is backed by an unmatched warranty on deliverables so your organisation is guaranteed to get the application your users desired.

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