Migrate Lotus Notes Domino Applications to a Modern Web Application

The migration of applications is the biggest challenge for a company moving away from the Lotus Notes platform.  The native functionality and unique design elements of Lotus Notes is very different than most modern platforms and makes a migration extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Rivit's Revive solution is strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications where accelerators automate the migration of application forms, views, documents, logic and data.

The Modern Application

Revive leverages a set of comprehensive and modern API's that were created for Domino objects.  Migrated applications are fully modernized with a responsive front end using React or Angular JavaScript.  Revive is served from a robust and scalable JEE application architecture to support your security and business logic.  Revive fully supports corporate RDMS systems including MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, providing improved scalability, and accessibility.

Application Migration

Leveraging proprietary migration accelerators, the scaffolding for the new application is created in a responsive ReactJS container.  All of the views are converted to function rich components which provide for the ability to add and delete columns, bidirectional sorting of all columns, column filtering across all columns, full text search, action buttons, and high-speed pagination. Forms are converted including action buttons and field logic.

Data Migration

Revive fully supports corporate RDMS systems.  Domino NoSQL data is migrated from Lotus Notes to any corporate RDMS system including MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Additionally, data can be moved bi-directionally between Lotus Notes and the RDMS system to support coexistence of the new application with the legacy Notes application during roll out.

User Work Space and Application Catalog

Not unlike Lotus Notes or your favorite device, users can add applications from a catalog to a personalized visual work space to access the applications they are authorized to.  The work space also enables users to edit their accounts, application access, and manage their favorite or most important applications.

User Management and Access Control

Migrated applications are easily connected to your corporate directory system such as Microsoft Active Directory.  To manage and maintain user information specific to applications we provide a facility to:

  • Import your Domino directory and group membership
  • Manage application specific access control
  • Manage application specific user detail

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