Migrate your Complex IBM Notes and Domino Applications to a Modern Web Application

Migrating Complex IBM Notes Domino Applications

The migration of custom Domino Applications is the biggest challenge for a company moving away from IBM Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes/Domino platform is more than a document repository.  Lotus Notes is a self-contained proprietary rapid application development platform with built in functionality such as workflow, document level security, embedded views, document links, infinite scroll and full text searching.  Migrating a Lotus Notes application to a uniquely different platform usually necessitates the need to redevelop, not migrate.

Rivit's MigrateMe solution starts with a complete enterprise ready application environment strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications. MigrateMe leverages modern API’s that embrace Lotus Domino Concepts and Design Elements and support the migration of existing Application Logic, Forms, Views, and Documents. And by leveraging robust migration accelerators to automate the logic conversion and data migration the entire process is fast and cost effective.

Solution Highlights

  • A new world object model ready for Domino objects.
    • Server-side back end coding provided by reusable micro services built in Java.
    • Full modernized responsive Front end using React JS or Angular JS.  Applications are fully usable on a tablet and mobile devices out of the box.
    • Support and build it once and deploy anywhere, providing for Native Mobile applications from a single application.
  • Out of the Box data migration – Data can be migrated bi-directionally from or to Lotus Notes.
  • Encapsulates services within comprehensive and portable APIs make application usable by other services or enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc..).
  • Fully supportable by current web development professionals to maintain migrated applications.  Ultimately providing you with a lower cost of support and development.
  • Fully supported by corporate RDMS systems such as MSSQL, MYSQL, POSTGRES and others.   Stores Domino NOSQL data in RDMS providing simple SQL statements or complex joins to obtain the data the way you want.

Transform your legacy Notes Applications to modern web based enterprise applications, and completely eliminate the Lotus Notes platform from your organization.

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