Compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications, Revive leverages easy to use migration tools and building blocks to help create the modern application.

Migration Accelerators

Application Migration

  • Revive includes proprietary migration accelerators that collects and converts the views, forms, navigators and code. 
  • Created in a responsive ReactJS container,  all of the views are converted to function rich components which provide for the ability to add and delete columns, bidirectional sorting of all columns, column filtering across all columns, full text search, action buttons, and high-speed pagination.
  • Forms are converted including action buttons and field logic.

Data Migration

  • Revive provides a fully automated Data migration engine. 
  • Domino NoSQL data is migrated from Lotus Notes to any corporate RDMS system including MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Additionally, data can be moved bi-directionally between Lotus Notes and the RDMS system to support coexistence of the new application with the legacy Notes application during roll out.

Core Components

A collection of optimized development elements and libraries are configured to create a modern application with the features your users experienced in the original Domino application.

User Workspace

  • Not unlike Lotus Notes or your favorite device, users can add applications from a catalog to a personalized visual work space to access the applications they are authorized to.
  • The work space also enables users to edit their accounts, application access, and manage their favorite or most important applications.

User Management

  • When you migrate from Notes Domino, secure and personalized access requires application specific user information be maintained in a new profile. 
  • Revive allows you to move your Domino Directory and all application specific user information into a single User Management Facility. 
  • Authentication utilizes Active Directory or can be managed directly in Revive.


  • Revive’s state engine can be easily added to any application to help control workflow.
  • A document can be moved between numerous stages  while tracking field level changes as the document goes through its approval process.

Session Management

  • Highly secure applications must ensure that user sessions are managed properly, where sessions expire due to length of time or inactivity.  However, users must also have the ability to continue working on complex forms which may take an extended time to complete.
  • The Revive session handler takes all user scenarios into consideration to provide the highest level of security without impacting the user experience.

Enterprise Architecture

  • Revive is based on a cost effective and scalable architecture that is installed on any popular java and SQL application platform allowing for a minimal foot print.

System Management

  • Enterprise applications require the presentation of data in a consistent manner.   Because Domino allowed developers to manage this independently, application governance issues often persisted.
  • Revive collects shared data in one area providing the governance of its content and use.
  • The parameters around drop-down lists, check-boxes, list-boxes, etc. are maintained in a central area that provides for easy management across all applications.

Application Themes

  • Revive ensures theme consistency so that all your application fall with your corporate guidelines.
  • While being completely customizable, Revive provides a set of common themes to help you stay within those guidelines.

Advanced Forms

  • Revive allows you to design a form the way you want to see it with the ability for it to dynamically render to other devices. 
  • Revive bundles this with highly functional components such as, tabbed tables, collapsible sections, date pickers, type ahead lists, list boxes, dynamic data grids, etc.

Modern Data Grids

  • High performance data grids now replace the old Domino View Structure. By rendering data to the Revive Data Grids, the number of unique and different views can be reduced.
  • Revive bundles this with highly functional components such as, tabbed tables, collapsible sections, date pickers, type ahead lists, list boxes, dynamic data grids, etc.
  • Revive also provides the option to use column filtering and sorting to better manage your views.
  • Applications migrated using Revive also support categorization.   When coupled with pagination, getting to the required data is fast and efficient.

Document Security

  • The difference between Domino and most database systems is the ability to manage a very granular security system. 
  • Security could be managed at multiple levels of the application while individual records could be secured through reader fields.
  • Revive continues to support this level of granular security and also extends the model to provide true field level security.

Document Locking

  • Revive eliminates replica/save conflict errors.
  • Applications migrated with Revive have document locking available so that users cannot work on the same document, at the same time.
  • This feature ensures data integrity so the validity of your data is never in question.

Multi Language

  • Revive provides full multi-lingual support.
  • The system admin panel provides a single place to change language references that can be used across all your applications.

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