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6 October 2018

Integrating IBM/Notes Archives with Outlook

Integrating IBM/Notes Archives with Outlook While most of our clients use Dcom to archive their Notes Domino applications, a number of our clients also use Dcom […]
6 December 2017

Redmine Error 500 – double byte characters.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]I can’t say enough about Redmine.  Rivit uses it to Manage Projects, Help Desk Issues, and Time and Attendance.  I’ll speak more to how we […]
10 December 2014

Ensuring that your email isn’t considered spam and Office365

Since I started noticing some of my mail messages bouncing back as spam I’ve been trying to correct the issue.  The biggest problem when you start […]
16 September 2014

Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick

I started working with Office 2013 a few months back.  Really hate the recent interface design changes that seem to be sweeping the current IT world. […]
31 January 2014

Connect 2014

So for the first time since 1996 I did not attend Lotusphere.  Yup, this year was a no show for Rivit.  Last year we questioned the […]
29 August 2013

79% of malicious attacks on mobile phones are on Android

Reading the news ( ) this morning that showed some interesting statistics concerning malware on mobile devices.  I have yet to see an attack on my IPhone. […]
15 August 2013

Blackberry Continues its plummett

OK… So its been a long time since I Blogged.  Its actually a good thing.  Things have been incredibly busy at Rivit.  We’ve been migrating more […]
24 May 2013

Migrations Migrations Migrations…

Damn. Its been a while since I blogged. Rivit has been really busy the last couple of months. Our core focus is now Migration. Migrating people […]
4 February 2013

Connect 2013 – General Observations

I’ve attend every Lotusphere since 1995.  I’ve been a vendor for 15 of those years.  The last few years we’ve questioned the return on our investment […]
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