Case Study: Vertex meets Revive,
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Company: Vertex Inc. Headquarters: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Migrating complex Lotus Notes applications


Revive - Transforms legacy Notes applications to a modern enterprise application


  • Cost effective
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  • Non proprietary
  • Elimination of the Notes platform

Leading Tax Software Provider Overcomes Challenges of Migrating Complex Domino Applications

Vertex Inc, an international tax solution provider, made the strategic decision to eliminate the entire legacy Lotus Notes footprint from their organization. Having successfully completed the Notes to Office 365 Mail migration, Vertex turned its attention to migrating their Domino applications to SharePoint. However, like other organizations in their position, they realized their complex Domino applications would be too difficult to migrate to SharePoint.

The Backstory

Lotus (HCL, IBM) Notes was an industry dominant application development platform that proliferated within organizations around the world. While organizations initially adopted the platform for its highly scalable messaging capabilities, it would ultimately be leveraged as an application development platform. By integrating forms and views with its non-relational database structure and base functionality, such as workflow, messaging, and document security, developers would create complex collaborative applications.

The Migration Challenge

The difficulty in migrating Domino applications is that most destination platforms are very different than the Notes Domino Application Platform. Comparatively, a product like SharePoint, which was slated as the replacement for Domino, does not provide the features that Notes Domino does. SharePoint was created as a departmental document management solution and not an application development platform. In order to replace Domino applications with SharePoint, additional third-party plug-ins must be added to SharePoint to address core functionality such as workflow, forms, and security.   At best, this ad hoc approach creates a long and difficult development process; where the newly created application is typically inferior to the original Domino application and completed at such a high cost, it thwarts future migration attempts.

Finding the Right Path

Vertex sought a cost effect alternative that would provide all of the features users were accustomed to, while also liberating them from the original Notes platform. Having worked with Rivit to archive their legacy Domino applications using the Dcom solution, Vertex reached out to explore Rivit’s Revive solution. The Revive solution is a modern and open standard enterprise application framework that reflects the core elements of Notes Domino and incorporates migration accelerators to automate the logic and data conversion from Domino. In far less time than it took to build the original Domino applications, Vertex was able to roll out modern web applications to its organization and completely eliminate the Lotus Notes Domino platform from their organization.

About Revive

Revive was strategically compiled for the migration of complex Notes Domino applications.  Leveraging proprietary migration utilities to collect and convert the views, forms, navigators, code, and data, Revive transforms legacy Notes applications to a modern enterprise application quickly and at less cost than the alternatives. Revive also includes a collection of ready to use core components that ensure that the new application provides the same important functions Notes Domino provided while ensuring a modern and enterprise ready application experience. Most importantly, Revive is compiled with industry standard, non-proprietary technologies which means they are fully supportable by most organizations out of the gate and backed by a vibrant developer community.

About Rivit

Rivit has specialized in assisting organizations migrate from the Lotus Notes platform since 2011. Rivit’s purpose-built solutions were strategically created by a team of leading migration specialists to help organizations complete the transition from the Lotus Notes platform. Rivit’s AppAnalyser solution provides valuable insight into how to best approach the migration of each Notes Domino database by analysing application code and usage statistics. Dcom archives Notes Domino applications and mail databases while preserving consistent user access, and maintaining the original security controls and document links.