Outlook 2011 for OSX and Mountain Lion Performance Problem

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Ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion my Outlook client’s performance absolutely sucked!.  I was surprised that Microsoft did not have a solution for this nor could I find any resolution from Apple.  I eventually came across this solution -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4149013?start=0&tstart=0

I thought I would rewrite the instructions to make it easier for people.

The problem is identified as a botched update which leaves multiple preference settings which are seen by outlook as being multiple identities.

  1. Click on Finder
  2. You need to deleted the “Office 2011” folder found in the /user/(your login name)/Library/Preferences/Microsoft
  3. This is a hidden folder that you will not see.  In finder click on Go in the top menu.
  4. Click on Go to Folder
  5. In the dialog box enter the following.  Remember to replace the (your login name) with the name you use to login to the MAC -> /user/(your login name)/Library/Preferences/Microsoft
  6. Drag or delete or move to trash the “office 2011” folder
  7. Restart the Mac
  8. Next you need to rebuild the Office Identity
  9. To rebuild the office identity click on Finder
  10. Click on the Applications folder in the left hand menu
  11. Click on Microsoft Office 2011
  12. Click on Office
  13. Find database utility
  14. Rebuild
  15. Start Outlook

Watch outlook fly!

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Just got my Iphone 5

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Iphone 5So I just got my Iphone 5.  Yup, I’m a Apple junky.   Ipad’s, Ipod touches, Macbook Pro, Nano’s, and Iphone are all over my office and house.   I sidestepped the jump to the 4S.  Didn’t think that Siri or a faster process was significant enough to make the jump.  But when the 5 was announced I jumped on the list with my service provider.  1 month later I get a knock on the door.  That’s right, a 1 month waiting list.

I like Apple products, but I don’t consider myself part of the cult.  I like them because they are the best built products, the designs are great, and they always work.  Something to be said about the merits of a closed system.  Apple controls it so they can guarantee that the user experience is not disappointing.

So here is my take on the Iphone 5.

  1. One Sexy phone.  It is nice eye candy.
  2. Super Fast.  Application start time unbelievable
  3. LTE – Faster then my home network?
  4. Front and Back Camera produce amazing pictures.
  5. Love the new Panoramic Pictures.  Especially like the implementation.  Move the Iphone.  Keep the pace steady.  Keep the arrow on the line.  Easy.
  6. Siri – The jury still isn’t in on this.  My first impressions haven’t been great.  I like the concept but it doesn’t  seem to find things for me.
  7. Maps – I use Navigon.  My friend Tony Holder told me about this years ago.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  The best Navigation system ever built.   I looked at Maps as part of the IOS upgrade on my 4.   It gives me what I want.
  8. New Connector – One of things I’ve always hated about Apple was their unwillingness to use standard connectors.   I always hated the old connector.  Like most people I went out and bought devices that use the connector.  Now I have to pay for an adapter to work with them.
  9. Headphone Jack is on the bottom not the top.  So this screws up some of the adapters I have since the port is now covered.
  10. Headphones – TBD – Looks nice, haven’t tried them yet.
  11. Quality of the phone calls. – TBD – I was always disappointed by the quality of phone calls.  I’m hoping that the 5 deals with this better.

Overall impression: Not a revolutionary phone.  But like apple said – It’s the best Iphone they ever built.

iPad – 3 years later

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In May, 2010 I picked up my first Ipad.  It was a first generation model.  32gb.  I bought it so that we could start expanding our mobile offering at metalogic.  My vision was to provide Insurance industry applications for the Ipad.

So here we are.  Three years later.  My Ipad has gotten daily use.  Its been charged over 1000+.  Its been taken on trips.  Its been used in meetings.  Its been used to read books, watch movies, play games, develop mind maps, develop mockups, surf the web, access facebook, access twitter, read the paper, follow my podcasts, work on spreadsheets, review documents, and interact on web meetings.  It still holds a charge and it still works fantastic.

The glass has never scratched.  Although the screen does get pretty messy after my kids are finished with it.

It has on dent on a corner from where I dropped it.  Luck would have it that the only exposed part of it is the part that hits the concrete.

Three years ago I would not have envisioned that it would have become such a  significant part of my life.

In the last little while we’ve acquired a Kindle e-reader and a Lenovo Tablet.

The Kindle is great for what it does.  It’s the best e-reader around.  I can take it anywhere and read it anywhere.  More importantly, it so cheap that I don’t really care if I lose it.

The Lenovo Tablet is android based.  A 7 inch screen.  Sturdy and fast.  Battery life is not great.  It can simulate everything my Ipad can do but its not my Ipad.  It’ll be used for testing apps we develop for Android but at the end of the day the kids will get more use out of it.

Say what you want.  But Apple has done a number of revolutionary things in the industry.  The law suit they won against Samsung guarantees that we will continue to see the growth in the industry from Apple and not have to worry about imitations that other vendors are creating.  Let Samsung develop their own ground breaking technology instead of “willfully” stealing as was sited in the ground breaking case.  Samsung should have been looking at how to compete and revolutionize the industry instead of making an imitation.

I keep saying it over and over.  If you compare Apple products to other you will always be able to show on paper that the other products might be better.  They’ll have expandibility, better screens, etc…  But what you get from Apple is consistency of product.   A product that look good, work right and won’t let you down at the end of the day.

I still think the Apple stores are creepy and cult like.

I love my IPad, my Iphone and my new Macbook Pro.

Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes

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We have a number of clients who have been reducing their notes client footprint the last couple of years.  iNotes has become a great alternative for the notes client.  Highly functional, providing as near to the notes client experience as you can get.

We also have some clients who use it as an alternative for accessing mail.  It’s the “Travelling Persons” email client.  Easy to access from a hotel or internet cafe.  However, they always come back with the same question:

“How do I access my local contacts?”

So I thought I’d provide it here.

Lotus Notes 8.x

How do I syncrhonize contacts with my Lotus Notes Address book and Inotes 8.5

  1. Start Notes.
  2. Go to the your clients preferences (File-Preferences)
  3. Click on Contacts
  4. Select the check box next to “Enable *synchronize contacts* on the Replicator.
  5. You should now see “Synchronize Contacts” on your Replicator Page.

Lotus Notes 7.x

  1. Start Notes.
  2. Open your Mail file.
  3. Go to the acton Menu
  4. Select Sychronize Address Book

Microsoft didn’t kill Wordperfect – Novell Did…. Sounds Like history is ready to repeat itself.

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wordperfect LogoAn outstanding anti-trust suit existed against Microsoft on whether they had acted inappropriately in aiding in the demise of Wordperfect.  Microsoft took action and asked for the case to be closed.  The judge in the case found that it was not the actions of Microsoft that killed Wordperfect.  It was the actions, or rather, the inaction of Novell that killed the product.

At the time that Windows98 had been released, Novell delayed the next release of Wordperfect.  Their inability to bring it to market is what killed the product.

Sounds like History is repeating itself.  Research in Motion has a limited window of opportunity before it follows Wordperfect and becomes irrelevant.  The ability for a company to move with its client base is essential.  Your clients are your fans.  You have to give them what they want and it has to compete with what they don’t have.  When what they don’t have becomes more important to them you’ve lost.

RIM’s inability to deliver their next generation OS to its own client base is going to kill the company.  They were the leaders in the industry and they sat on their laurels.  They stopped delivering bleed edge technology.  Now they can’t even catch  up.  RIM is now ready to become a member of the unimportant.

Reference:  http://goo.gl/BNH45


Speed up Dropbox

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Speedup DropboxJust learned something new today. Dropbox automatically limits your upload speeds. Fact is you can only upload as fast as your connection will allow it. But why let Dropbox automatically set that. Go to Dropbox in the menubar, click on Preferences – Network – Bandwidth and change your Upload rate to “Don’t limit”.

Domino Social Edition – Hype?

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I’ve been looking at all the hype around the Domino Social Edition and trying to understand its positioning.  Coming out of Lotusphere I saw this as a way for IBM to slow the leak.  Inevitably, lack of position in the market would lead companies to migrate away from Domino.  Mail would be first.  Applications soon after.   One of the biggest inhibitors to migrating away from Domino is how to get rid of the applicaitons.  If I can’t get rid of Notes Client than what is the real cost savings to migrating off email.

Migration of Notes is a complex endeavor.  Companies go into it because of the anti-domino sentiment that exists in a company.  They do it because they think that they are going to save money.  They believe it costs less to run an Exchange shop then it does to run an Notes shop.  They do it because they buy into the alternative.  i.e.  Sharepoint is such a great platform.  Now we could argue these points out but it wouldn’t change the fact that the world is changing quickly on us.

We’ve been working with numerous clients on a structured migration process which helps move clients through the short to long term plan based on their needs.  We provide all the critical data and guidance required for companies to make these difficult and complex decisions.  With applications its not just simply swapping out a client.

Where does the Domino Social Edition play into this?  Well, it muddies the waters a bit.  It give companies the false impression that they can now get rid of the notes client and run a light version of notes in a browser.  So, companies are now left with the impression that they don’t have to do anything with their notes applications.  Go ahead, migrate email and continue to serve up applications in a browser.

Unfortunately the Social Edition plugin is the notes basic client.  It only runs in a windows environment and runs with all the limitations of the notes basic client with some new ones.

Let me make sure that I understand the idea around this….  The Marketing spin is – Run notes in a browser.  The Reality is -You need to install (behind the scenes) a notes basic client which only runs on windows based machines (ie: no support for OSX or LINUX) and you still need to have a notes ID file.

So what have companies actually obtained.  I think that this is a great marketing pitch which helps companies stay on the platform a little longer but it muddies their longer term strategy.  It muddies the fact that companies could have started to look at better transitioning these applications to HTML5 or Xpages.  It also makes it harder for the partner community to sell these transition services to things such as Xpages.

Dlink – Router/Access point Wireless Restart problem

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Dlink dir-655 - restart problem

Dlink dir-655 - restart problem - Configuration screen

I have a Dlink DIR-655 router.  On paper the router sounds great.  However, it has a nasty access point problem.   The access point seems to continually go offline.  The only way you can get it to work when this happens, is to either reboot it or physically turn it off and on.

Like most devices, Dlink is no longer providing Firmware updates for this.  Weird because it still a big seller at the stores.  The last Firmware version was 2.00, which was dated May 12, 2010.  So although this seems to be a common problem, Dlink is no longer going to fix it for you.

I finally resolved it.  There seems to be a problem in the QOS engine.  The WAN Traffic shaping section seems to cause the problem.  Specifically the problem seems to be around the automatic uplink Speed.  When set to automatic the WIFI seem to go offline constantly and the router seems to restart frequently.  I resolved it by turning the “enable Traffic Shaping setting off”.

To Fix it do the following:

  1. Select Advanced from the top menu.
  2. Select QOS Engine
  3. Deselect Enable Traffic Shaping
  4. Save Settings.

So maybe Domino isn’t dead yet…

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Since becoming Rivit we’ve been focused more and more on the transition of our clients away from Domino or the notes client.  We’ve been working with Binary Tree (BTW. great people and great software – www.binarytree.com) on migrating email and working with our friends at DLI to move Domino Applications to a browser based domino framework using DOCOVA (www.docova.com).

However since November we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Domino World.  Especially on our product side.   We saw a huge uptake on all of our products.

  • Enforcer Domino backend clients increased licensing and our clients are fully entrenched in the product.  New clients came on board and confirmed that Enforcer Domino is still the easiest and fasted archive solution for Domino users.
  • Enforcer Relational backend brought on new clients as we worked on improving scalability and performance.  This makes Enforcer the lowest cost alternative to keeping your domino email archives outside of Domino.
  • Pursuit brought on new clients and we saw the return of old clients.  Seems that some clients decided not to migrate after all.  Pursuit is still the fastest Domino search, discovery, destroy application for Domino.
  • And, last but not the least, Fetch Retriever.  Our original product that delivered the best Mail Recall solution for domino increased sales through new clients, additional licensing and the return of old clients.  Our old clients, who had taken the route of using the native Domino Recall, returned to us stating that our feature set and the level of success that Fetch Retriever offered to them still made it the best way to go.  Reasons that they expressed were our ability to recall mail not saved by the sender, recall mail by an administrator, recall mail from blackberry’s, recall mail from large groups, and just the fact that it worked when you wanted it to work.

Check out our new pricing and you’ll see why we had a great year so far.

Social Experiment – a bust…

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So I was forced to go with out my Iphone.  I was resolved to go Old School.  It was tough.  I heard phantom rings and vibrations.  I kept checking my pockets so that I could get my Iphone and check for email.  But by the third day I started feeling good.  The sense of urgency to life was gone.  I spent more time getting things done, meeting with people face to face, actually being engaged in a conversation with out being rude and checking for messages.  My kids absolutely loved it.

All good things come to an end.  I got a call from the Apple store that a phone had arrived.

Like a true junkie I dropped everything and raced to pick it up.

But the same sense of urgency that I had prior to this experiment seems to be gone.  I’ve now taken to leaving the Iphone in the Car during meeting and family engagements.