Lotus Notes Application Migration Analysis

Only with a complete understanding of the current Lotus Notes environment can an organization develop an effective strategy to migrate from the platform.  Rivit Technology Partners has developed a fact based, decision support program that will arm your migration team with a complete understanding of the entire Lotus Notes environment.

Leveraging Rivit’s proprietary APPAnalyzer utility, the assessment provides an accurate inventory of all Domino applications in the environment.   The inventory includes important information about each database including usage history and patterns, database size and document count, database ownership and purpose, and most importantly, database complexity.  This data is captured in a Domino database and exportable to Excel for further analysis and refinement.

Rivit provides a no cost no obligation migration analysis.  Leveraging our APPAnalyzer solution, Rivit will build and deliver a Lotus Notes application migration strategy that works.  If you've already commenced your migration, this assessment will help your organization avoid costly mistakes, and ensure a successful project.