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Migration Analyses for Notes Domino Applications

App|Analyser is a No Cost Solution that collects and analyses important information about every Notes Domino Application so you can make informed migration decisions.



App|Analyser exposes the level of complexity of Notes applications to determine the potential migration destination and effort.



Quickly and accurately determine the level of usage and importance of each and every HCL Notes/ Domino Application.


App|Analyser assists in the budgetary process for the migration by identifying potential destinations and likely migration effort.


App|Analyser ensures you have all the required information to create a successful migration strategy.

Rivit's Migration solutions

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Migrate complex legacy Notes Domino applications to a modern enterprise application.

Domino Application Solutions

Archive Notes Domino applications and provide easy to use, secure copies of legacy databases.

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Our MigrateMe service creates modern applications from your legacy critical Notes applications quickly and license free.

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About Notes Domino

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes was officially released in late 1989 as a platform to support user-created discussion groups.

IBM Notes

In 1995, the Lotus Notes platform was purchased by IBM to create the IBM Notes/ Domino Social Edition.

HCL Notes

In December of 2019, the IBM Notes Domino platform was purchased by HCL and marks the current and most recent updates to the platform.

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