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Apple watch – The game changer

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applewatchI’m a big fan of apple products.  I have ipads, iphones, macbook pros and ipods.  Apple is the company that seems to always show up at the party late but always leaves the party as the most popular person there.  Even though they may not have the best product there.

I don’t think that OSX is the best OS in the world.  I think that Windows does alot of things better.  So I use both PC’s and my Mac to work with.  On paper there have always better phones, music and video players.  But the Apple experience, the quality of the product, the way it just feels in your hand, is better then any other product.

I’ve always been interested in the wearable technologies market.  Heart Monitor watches, Fitness bands, Gesture control devices, Google glasses… Been trying them all for the last couple of years.  I’m a big fan of Thamlic Labs MYO Device.  Just got my retail Myo yesterday.  But I’ve been very interested in the “Watch” type device.  The “do it all” device that sits on your wrist.  Yup the watch device…. That thing that we don’t wear anymore.

I had the Fitbit Force…. Loved it.  The form factor was great and I thought it was the most accurate step counter…. Okay stride counter… Temperature seemed to affect vertical steps.  I had to give that back because of a recall.  I have now been wearing the Garmin Vivofit.  Its a toy.  Its not very accurate.

But in comes the Apple Watch.

Late to the game as usual but more than just a fitness device.  From an appearance standpoint it doesn’t look as innovative as we had hoped.  No curved interface.  It looks, I hate to say it, like a watch.  It doesn’t have an enormous display but that’s ok I wouldn’t want a monitor on my wrist.  And you’ll have to charge it once a day, but I’m betting based on past experience, you’ll have to charge it more frequently.  The bands will be changeable to make a better fashion, business or sport accessory.  All sounds kinda humdrum….

Having to say Iwatch would have been a lot easier… But this is probably part of Apple’s strategy to just own the watch market by just becoming the “watch”.  You know the same way we call everything ipods now.  So from now on when someone says watch we all know it means apple watch which will dominate everything anyway.

It will definitely be a game changer.  Get ready to throw out your fitness bands.  The watch will basically be that familiar IOS that were so used to using but with improvements to make it usable in a smaller form factor.   The crown is a simple re factoring of a old idea allows you to keep your fingers off the display so you can see the display!

It comes with a number of sensors to help it track of your health and fitness.  Coupled with your iphone it will be able to extend its sensors and provide an even better experience.  Hmmm… Parallel process device in the future?  So I think it will become the definitive fitness device which will provide step counting, activity monitoring, accurate GPS mapping and heart rate monitor.  But that will only be the start…  I think we’ll see other types of health sensors make its way to the device… Oxygenation, blood sugar, etc…

I’m still having a hard time with the type of app that would be best for this form factor.  Fitness apps are the easiest.  I don’t like the “Dick Tracy” phone in a watch idea. I don’t want to speak into my watch.

I think that it will be ideal for Event notification – Where do I have to be.. What’s coming up on my schedule.

Mapping or locationary type apps…. Turn here, go here.

News and information ticker… Like sporting events, stock prices.

And Payment and Airport port checkin.  This is the silent game changer.  This is the real game changer.  Where apple now becomes the new “Credit Card”

With the release of the watch sdk I’m sure we’ve only seen a fraction of its potential.

So late to the party again… But definitely, the product that will dominate the market going forward.

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