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APP|Analyser is a no cost solution that analyses the usage and complexity attributes of Notes Domino applications to better prepare for a complete migration from the HCL Domino platform.

Application Usage Statistics

Usage statistics, including reads of and writes to the database, determine the relative importance of each application to the organization.

Applications that provide little to no value to the organization can be archived or decommissioned reducing the overall migration effort.

Business-critical applications can also be identified and are often the best place to start a migration by demonstrating the new application destination(s).

Application Complexity

Discovering the code complexity of each application is paramount to understanding potential migration destination platforms and frameworks.

AppAnalyzer also analyses the volume and attributes of the code so you can begin to understand the potential migration effort and complexity to migrate each application.

Additionally, understanding functions such as document links and interdependencies with other applications is critical to creating an effective migration plan for the application.

Migration Planning

AppAnalyzer categorizes applications by complexity and aligns applications to your target platforms.

With an approximation of effort and license costs to migrate an application to any specific platform, organizations can commence the budgetary process.

AppAnalyzer also provides for the documentation of your migration decisions and the ability to execute and monitor the migration plan.

With AppAnalyzer, you can create a strategy for a complete and cost effective migration of every Notes Domino application in your organization.

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