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APP|Analyser gathers and analyses important information about each and every Notes Domino application and categorizes them by destination options.


Only with a complete understanding of every application in the Notes environment can an organization plan and execute a complete migration path from the platform. APP|Analyser is a no cost solution that analyses every Notes Domino application in the environment, so your organization can identify a suitable destination for each application.

Determine the importance of every application by analyzing important usage statistics.

Starting with usage statistics, AppAnalyser will help you determine the relative importance of each application. Usage details, including read and writes to the database, will help identify applications that provide little to no value to the organization. These databases can usually be decommissioned either by archiving or removing them from the environment. This analysis will also help identify critical applications that see large user activity within business units or across larger bands of the organization. Most organizations experience a dramatic reduction in the scope of the projected migration effort with this activity alone.

Analyse the code complexity of your applications to determine the best migration approach.

Identifying the existing attributes of each application is paramount to understanding the likely complexity, potential migration effort, and possible migration obstacles, to deliver the application and functionality in a new destination platform. Specific attributes such as Notes Formula Language, LotusScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML will all play a major factor in helping to choose a potential destination, and more importantly, the effort to migrate. Additionally, understanding functions such as document links and interdependencies with other Notes applications or applications outside of the Notes domain is critical to creating an effective migration plan for the application.

Create budgetary estimates for both archiving and migrating.

One of the key components of a migration assessment is creating the estimate for the total migration. AppAnalyser will help with this evaluation by categorizing the applications into simple, medium, and complex applications. Identifying the target platforms, and knowing which applications are best suited for each destination and the average effort to migrate an application to that platform provides the probable effort and licensing costs to begin the budgetary process.

Document your migration decisions, and begin planning and managing the migration progress.

AppAnalyser also provides for the documentation of your migration decisions and the ability to execute and monitor the migration plan.   And for those looking to leverage our Revive solution for migrating complex applications, AppAnalyser integrates with our Migration Accelerator so you can point the migration utilities to the application you wish to migrate directly from the interface and start the process.

Download the AppAnalyser Solution Overview

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With AppAnalyser, you can create a strategy for a complete and cost effective migration of every Notes Domino application in your organization.

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