IBM Lotus Domino Platforms

Rivit Technology Partners specializes in Lotus Domino platform migrations.  We have created the only cost effective migration strategy that completely eliminates Lotus Domino from your environment.  Our MigrateMe process will kick your project into high gear, allowing you to put the past behind you.  

Lotus Notes

If you are serious about eliminating Lotus Notes from your environment, it's time to consider the most cost effective means of accomplishing your goal.  Dcom is a simple and inexpensive solution to produce carbon copies of your original Lotus Notes databases.  Your users will have access to legacy Lotus Notes data completely independent of the original platform with little effort and cost.

Custom Platforms

Rivit’s application services group focuses on the custom development and configuration of applications built on leading platforms. These include Darwino, SharePoint, and PHP.  We Leverage the technologies that deliver the strongest development and delivery platform. Our goal is to provide the greatest value to the organization in the least amount of time, with the least amount of cost.

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