Ensuring that your email isn’t considered spam and Office365

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Since I started noticing some of my mail messages bouncing back as spam I’ve been trying to correct the issue.  The biggest problem when you start getting bouncebacks is that you really don’t know how many message are being rejected.   Most companies won’t generate a bounceback.  Their philosophy is that its better to reject the mail and not let the spammers know that they got rejected.

So I’ve taken a number of steps and made a few changes to the ...

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Office 365 mail servers on Spam Blacklists?

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Since we’ve been migrating companies off IBM Lotus Domino we made the decision a couple of years ago to migrate ourselves.  We decided that we no longer wanted to host our own mail servers.  Why should we.  The cost of a cloud based email provider was so cheap..

I’ve long suspected that some of my mail was not being delivered to clients.  Most anti-spam products silently delete mail.  The recipient doesn’t get it and the sender doesn’t get notified.  But I ...

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FIX – OS X YOSEMITE mail.app The Exchange Server “null” is not responding

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I love my MAC. With the introduction of Hand Off I wanted to be able to move between

microsoft exchange osx yosemite mail.app

my Rivit Mail on my iphone to my Rivit Mail on my MAC workbook pro.  Easy enough – Right?   Not if your an office365 or exchange user.

Handoff currently only works with the OS X mail.app.  Outlook doesn’t support it yet.  Maybe when Microsoft gets around to updating Mac Office (come ...

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Microsoft 365 vs LotusLive – Part 1.

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With the launch of Rivit we decided to rethink the way we do business. We had a number of ideas about how the company had to be run:

  1. Stay small. Try to do the best job you can with the right number of people. A large number of employees doesn’t make a better company.
  2. Stay light. It is important to move with the market. Know what your clients want and try to get there before they want it.
  3. Avoid politics. There ...
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