Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes

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We have a number of clients who have been reducing their notes client footprint the last couple of years.  iNotes has become a great alternative for the notes client.  Highly functional, providing as near to the notes client experience as you can get.

We also have some clients who use it as an alternative for accessing mail.  It’s the “Travelling Persons” email client.  Easy to access from a hotel or internet cafe.  However, they always come back with the same question:

“How do I access my local contacts?”

So I thought I’d provide it here.

Lotus Notes 8.x

How do I syncrhonize contacts with my Lotus Notes Address book and Inotes 8.5

  1. Start Notes.
  2. Go to the your clients preferences (File-Preferences)
  3. Click on Contacts
  4. Select the check box next to “Enable *synchronize contacts* on the Replicator.
  5. You should now see “Synchronize Contacts” on your Replicator Page.

Lotus Notes 7.x

  1. Start Notes.
  2. Open your Mail file.
  3. Go to the acton Menu
  4. Select Sychronize Address Book


  1. Stephan H. Wissel  August 27, 2012

    Just out of curiosity. When I randomly check internet cafe installations, all of them are virus infected and have keyloggers ( to some extend). How do you secure your environment so the users who use Internet cafes don’t create nasty security holes?

  2. Rob Salerno  August 29, 2012

    HI Stephan.

    Best way to deal with Internet Cafe’s is not to use them at all.

    Although available in North America I tend to see most Internet Cafe’s at the lower end of the spectrum ie: targeted towards the university crowd and therefore they aren’t very well maintained. In fact they even look seedy.

    We Normally recommend that our clients stay away from these areas and use Hotel or reputable cafe (starbuck) hotspots.

  3. Albert Gostick  August 30, 2012

    Hi Rob,

    Checked out your blog article. It worked (of course). For myself, I don’t have a lot of synchronizing (as I don’t have Notes on a laptop). After doing the initial synchronizing, does the “Action” put something into the synchronization setup to keep this synchronzied – as mine did not. This is for Notes 7.0.4

    Thanks, Albert

    • Rob Salerno  August 30, 2012

      Hi Albert…

      Unfortunately it doesn’t. In 7.0.x its a manual process that needs to be run whenever the user wants to update it. In 8.0.x its automated as part of the replication process.



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