RIM plans to open its network services to iPhones and Android.

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Research In Motion (TSX:RIM.TO) stock price rose 7.6 per cent on Tuesday after they released plans to offer software to companies and governments that would open up its secure network to iPhones and other mobile devices. 

The service, named BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, will be available in March after a test run.

Ok., as all of you are probably aware of,  I’ve become a Iphone bigot.  Didn’t think I could, or would, but it happened.  But being Canadian I have to support the largest IT company in the land.  I’ve always stated that RIM missed the boat on two fronts.

  1. They should have become a services company long ago, that sold usage of their network, secure email environment and BBM’ing to other vendors.  Taking a percentage of every phone manufactures and serivces provider sales is a lucrative market.  Now I think they are in a too little too late mode.
  2. They should have bought PALM’s WEBOS.  Forget the qnx environment that they have painfully been trying to port to their playbook and smartphone.  WEBOS is a superior OS to Andriod and (dare I say it) IOS.
Let’s see what happens now.




  1. Heiko Voigt  December 1, 2011

    Regarding 2.) QNX is by far the best OS you can currently get in the embedded area. It was a bold move for RIM to get it and extend it to phones and tablets. WebOS might LOOK nice – compared to QNX it’s a little baby that can’t even walk. Couldn’t disagree more with your view on that.

    • Rob Salerno  December 1, 2011

      Heiko, I’m not arguing the power of QNX. However if we look at market momentum they are now playing a catchup game because of the amount of effort its required them to integrate QNX onto their phones. With WEBOS they would have had a “nice looking”, easy to develop to, OS ready to go a year ago or more ago.

  2. Heiko Voigt  December 2, 2011

    QNX is the market leader in embedded OS for all sorts of vehicels on the market. BMW iDrive, Audi MMI, you name it. That’s where they actually make their money from (and a big bunch I guess). The mobile story on BBX is a coming add-on to that. The QNX success story is something rarley talked about in the mobile arena of smartphones so it might not be too obvious why RIM went down that path.


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