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In May, 2010 I picked up my first Ipad.  It was a first generation model.  32gb.  I bought it so that we could start expanding our mobile offering at metalogic.  My vision was to provide Insurance industry applications for the Ipad.

So here we are.  Three years later.  My Ipad has gotten daily use.  Its been charged over 1000+.  Its been taken on trips.  Its been used in meetings.  Its been used to read books, watch movies, play games, develop mind maps, develop mockups, surf the web, access facebook, access twitter, read the paper, follow my podcasts, work on spreadsheets, review documents, and interact on web meetings.  It still holds a charge and it still works fantastic.

The glass has never scratched.  Although the screen does get pretty messy after my kids are finished with it.

It has on dent on a corner from where I dropped it.  Luck would have it that the only exposed part of it is the part that hits the concrete.

Three years ago I would not have envisioned that it would have become such a  significant part of my life.

In the last little while we’ve acquired a Kindle e-reader and a Lenovo Tablet.

The Kindle is great for what it does.  It’s the best e-reader around.  I can take it anywhere and read it anywhere.  More importantly, it so cheap that I don’t really care if I lose it.

The Lenovo Tablet is android based.  A 7 inch screen.  Sturdy and fast.  Battery life is not great.  It can simulate everything my Ipad can do but its not my Ipad.  It’ll be used for testing apps we develop for Android but at the end of the day the kids will get more use out of it.

Say what you want.  But Apple has done a number of revolutionary things in the industry.  The law suit they won against Samsung guarantees that we will continue to see the growth in the industry from Apple and not have to worry about imitations that other vendors are creating.  Let Samsung develop their own ground breaking technology instead of “willfully” stealing as was sited in the ground breaking case.  Samsung should have been looking at how to compete and revolutionize the industry instead of making an imitation.

I keep saying it over and over.  If you compare Apple products to other you will always be able to show on paper that the other products might be better.  They’ll have expandibility, better screens, etc…  But what you get from Apple is consistency of product.   A product that look good, work right and won’t let you down at the end of the day.

I still think the Apple stores are creepy and cult like.

I love my IPad, my Iphone and my new Macbook Pro.


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