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Damn. Its been a while since I blogged. Rivit has been really busy the last couple of months.

Our core focus is now Migration. Migrating people from one platform to another.  Typically we are seeing IBM Lotus Domino clients moving their mail or applications to another platform.  However, we also see companies moving between archiving products.  But We’ll talk about archiving migrations in a later blog.

We see numerous IBM clients that have made the management decision to migrate.  We get the call from people tasked to do this daunting task and we make their life easier.  We take them through a structured process of Migration to answer all their questions and make the migration easier for them.  For example:

  • Has the client picked the target platform
  • Has the client done a complete analysis of their current environment
  • What are the driving factors for migration
  • What does the mail environment look like
  • What does the application environment look like
  • Whats the inventory of applications, Whats the usage of Applications, Whats the complexity factor of applications.
  • etc..

A lot of questions that normally cause panic in the hearts of the people tasked to do the Job.  it also causes most companies to enter into Analysis Paralysis.  The sheer volume of data and extrapolated cost of potentially re-writing and migrating these applications puts most projects on hold.

We structure the migration in way that allows companies to derive immediate and substantial benefits from their new target platform.  It lowers the cost of the migration and ultimately works towards a successful migration.

So on that note… Dave and I are working towards the Launch of new Migration related Initiative.  It’ll become your single spot for all Migration related information.  We’re currently working on Branding but should be finished soon.

Stay tuned.



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