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Iphone 5So I just got my Iphone 5.  Yup, I’m a Apple junky.   Ipad’s, Ipod touches, Macbook Pro, Nano’s, and Iphone are all over my office and house.   I sidestepped the jump to the 4S.  Didn’t think that Siri or a faster process was significant enough to make the jump.  But when the 5 was announced I jumped on the list with my service provider.  1 month later I get a knock on the door.  That’s right, a 1 month waiting list.

I like Apple products, but I don’t consider myself part of the cult.  I like them because they are the best built products, the designs are great, and they always work.  Something to be said about the merits of a closed system.  Apple controls it so they can guarantee that the user experience is not disappointing.

So here is my take on the Iphone 5.

  1. One Sexy phone.  It is nice eye candy.
  2. Super Fast.  Application start time unbelievable
  3. LTE – Faster then my home network?
  4. Front and Back Camera produce amazing pictures.
  5. Love the new Panoramic Pictures.  Especially like the implementation.  Move the Iphone.  Keep the pace steady.  Keep the arrow on the line.  Easy.
  6. Siri – The jury still isn’t in on this.  My first impressions haven’t been great.  I like the concept but it doesn’t  seem to find things for me.
  7. Maps – I use Navigon.  My friend Tony Holder told me about this years ago.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  The best Navigation system ever built.   I looked at Maps as part of the IOS upgrade on my 4.   It gives me what I want.
  8. New Connector – One of things I’ve always hated about Apple was their unwillingness to use standard connectors.   I always hated the old connector.  Like most people I went out and bought devices that use the connector.  Now I have to pay for an adapter to work with them.
  9. Headphone Jack is on the bottom not the top.  So this screws up some of the adapters I have since the port is now covered.
  10. Headphones – TBD – Looks nice, haven’t tried them yet.
  11. Quality of the phone calls. – TBD – I was always disappointed by the quality of phone calls.  I’m hoping that the 5 deals with this better.

Overall impression: Not a revolutionary phone.  But like apple said – It’s the best Iphone they ever built.


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