IOS5 – No need to Jailbreak anymore.

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I thank the stars that my Blackberry broke down a few years ago and my Service Provider decided to gouge me for the cost of a new Blackberry.  I decided to try an IPhone.  I can actually say that this was a life altering experience.  I’m a techie.  I love toys.  But the IPhone had to be the first product that touched so many parts of my life.  It actually enhanced it and made me more productive.  Or did it make more of a geek?  I think my wife would say the latter.

Anyway, I always found a few things annoying about the IPhone.  There were features that were missing.  For example.

  • Searching the body of a mail messages or a website
  • Copy and paste
  • An indicator that you had a missed phone call
  • An indicator that you had a message (text, email , phone, etc..)
  • Something that would give me my calendar at a glance
  • Shared wifi or 3G

To compensate for this I would Jailbreak my IPhone.  I didn’t do it for running illegal apps.  I did it because Cydia and Rock provided a number of applications that enhanced my experience on the IPhone.  I used 2 apps from the store:

  1. Intelliscreen by intelliborn

    Intelliscreen -Intelliscreen provided me a single point to see my calendar and new mail messages without having to actually unlock the phone and open each app.  It also provided me with alerts to remind me that I missed a phone call or message, text message, etc..  You could tap a message or calendar item to actually open it. It did some other stuff as well, but this was the primary reason for using it.  It was great.

  2. MyWi 5.0 by intellilborn

    Mywi 5.0.  I bought an IPAD when it first hit the street.  I didn’t want to spend the money for a 3G version so I got a wifi version.  The only problem I had was I wanted to use it when I was in my Car or at a cafe that didn’t have wifi.  At the time the IPhone provided this but it was a service provider option.  Mywi provided me a shared access point, tethered wifi and bluetooth wifi.  It loved to eat my battery but it made me happy and productive.

So IOS 4.3.x and a shift in thinking from my service provider got rid of my need for MyWi.  IOS5 got rid of my need for Intelliscreen.

IOS5 now comes with the notification center.  When you get messages they show up on your lockscreen.  You can now drag the notification center into view at anytime in any app.  That actually looks like it was stolen from Android…. But of course Apple does it better.

So I’m now happy to say that I am Jailbreak free.   So anybody have any other reasons that they continue to jailbreak their IPhones?  OpenSSH? Ringtones? etc…



  1. Chris Whisonant  October 13, 2011

    I’m still considering what I would need a jailbreak for. I’m just blogged something about the Notification Center as well, but regarding a jailbreak, I REALLY REALLY like SBSettings. Being able to quickly turn on or off things like wifi, bluetooth, location, push mail from one place is something Apple is really missing the boat on! I also like the 5 column sb and dock and I use some themes for something different. I think I’m going to wait for the untethered jb for 5 and then upgrade (the tethered jb is already available lol). But for me, SBSettings is really the kicker.

    • Rob Salerno  October 13, 2011

      Hi Chris

      I’ve been weighing the whole jailbreak thing for a while now. I’ve been “jailbroken” for a long time. And I did have other jailbreak apps as well. Winterboard and sbsettings were the other ones I liked. I even found backgrounder to be a better multitasker than the first gen of multitasking. But I also found that my battery life always suffered.

  2. Patrick  October 17, 2011

    I’m using KeePass on all of my systems in order to manage my passwords. Unfortunately, there’s still no proper version of that tool available through the appstore. iKeepass is completely useless since it’s bugged as hell. Therefore, I have to stick with JBiKeepass which requires a jailbreak.

    • Rob Salerno  October 17, 2011

      Hey Patrick

      I’ll check it out…

  3. prem  October 17, 2011

    Intelliscreen is soo much better than notifications in ios, I will jailbreak again just to get intelliscreen

    • Rob Salerno  October 17, 2011

      I agree it is better. However for the one App I still would weigh against the need to really jailbreak. I think the notification center is more than adequate.

  4. Tony Holder  October 28, 2011

    Patrick / Rob

    Use 1Password…



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