Intelliscreenx – ok.. I guess I do want to jailbreak my IOS5.

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Intelliborn has just announced Intelliscreenx.

A couple of weeks ago I had stated that ios5 had enough functionality that I didn’t need to jailbreak anymore.

Intelliscreen had been the only jailbreak app that I found to be invaluable before ios5 introduced the notification center. It collected all your information and presented it in the lock screen.

Well Intelliscreenx gives me a reason to jailbreak. It now is integrated with the notification center and does it one step better. It puts the notification center in your lock screen.

Intelliscreenx is available currently as a public beta.  You can try out IntelliScreenX beta by adding this repository source in Cydia –

Haven’t tried it yet.  I’m still waiting for an untethered jailbreak.

Cydia is selling it for $9.99.  Owners of Intelliscreen can upgrade to it for 7.99 in Cydia.


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