Infrastructure Services

Rivit's Support Services is backed by a team of senior Microsoft and IBM specialists designed to help you deliver a robust collaborative environment.

Shared Services

Rivit's shared services plans are carefully managed to give you the most from your mail and document infrastructure with minimal resource costs. Rivit guarantees a strong and healthy environment by employing best practices in the management of your mail and document application environment, with several subscription models to choose from.

Version Upgrades

While release-to-release upgrades are straightforward, we know firsthand that leaping versions is difficult. Rivit has managed through many scenarios for both large and small organizations. Consequently, we have the experience to assist in theses quantum leaps. These include: architecture, planning and readiness to execution and deployment. Our seasoned professionals will assist you in keeping your environment up to current standards.

Platform Migrations

Rivit Technology Partners specialize not only in the planning, but the execution of a migration from Lotus Domino platform to a Web/Cloud environment or an on-premise Microsoft-based platform.  Our proven services program ensures a structured process using industry-leading solutions and practices for both email and applications. Also, our Managed Services assist your company with retooling and re-educating your valued resources for a new technology platform.

Resource Augmentation

Of importance, Rivit has a large pool of resources that you can leverage for any project. We will bring the same level of skills and expertise but step back and let you run the project. You can bring in a resource to assist with development or system administration projects for as long or short as required. This type of arrangement includes rate discounts relative to term and type of engagement.

Did we miss anything?

We can use our wide range of resources to aid in just about any capacity.  If you’re looking for help on a project or addressing an issue, then call or email us. We'll do our best to help you and if we can't, we'll guide you to someone who can.

Rivit can help you maintain a robust environment!

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