Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick

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I started working with Office 2013 a few months back.  Really hate the recent interface design changes that seem to be sweeping the current IT world.  I find the minimalist presentation a little too bright and it actually makes things a little to difficult to find on the screen.

Doubleclick doesn't open excel spreadsheets anymore

Doubleclick doesn’t open excel spreadsheets anymore

Recently I ran into a problem where doubleclicking on an excel file in the file system no longer opened the file in Excel.  Excel opened but would just give me a blank screen.  I looked through numerous settings and could resolve it.  I then did went to google and searched on it and I found a number of references to the issue.  Registry updates, Reinstall, Microsoft automated fix script, etc… None of them worked.

But I didn’t try the obvious.  Like numerous techies I’m looking for the complex solution to solve a problem.  The answer was:

  1. Open control Panel
  2. Click on uninstall program
  3. Click on Office 2013 (Office 365 in my case).
  4. Click on Change
  5. Click on fix online.

The program churned away for a bit.  When it stopped I now had a working computer again.  Duh.


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