Dlink – Router/Access point Wireless Restart problem

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Dlink dir-655 - restart problem

Dlink dir-655 – restart problem – Configuration screen

I have a Dlink DIR-655 router.  On paper the router sounds great.  However, it has a nasty access point problem.   The access point seems to continually go offline.  The only way you can get it to work when this happens, is to either reboot it or physically turn it off and on.

Like most devices, Dlink is no longer providing Firmware updates for this.  Weird because it still a big seller at the stores.  The last Firmware version was 2.00, which was dated May 12, 2010.  So although this seems to be a common problem, Dlink is no longer going to fix it for you.

I finally resolved it.  There seems to be a problem in the QOS engine.  The WAN Traffic shaping section seems to cause the problem.  Specifically the problem seems to be around the automatic uplink Speed.  When set to automatic the WIFI seem to go offline constantly and the router seems to restart frequently.  I resolved it by turning the “enable Traffic Shaping setting off”.

To Fix it do the following:

  1. Select Advanced from the top menu.
  2. Select QOS Engine
  3. Deselect Enable Traffic Shaping
  4. Save Settings.


  1. Lexx  January 2, 2013

    I’d like to offer another possibility for these issues. I just diagnosed, solved, and verified the solution to both “Wireless Restart” as well as DIR-655 constant reboot issues by removing a 2.4GHz modern (circa 2012) V-Tech digital cordless base station from the vicinity of the DIR-655. The issues occur when the cordless phone base station is in very close promixity (under 6-10′) to the DIR-655; when the cordless phone base station is moved 20′ + a drywall away, DIR-655 suddenly resumes happy “non-reboot” “non-wireless restart” operation. This is obviously both a h/w and a s/w issue with DIR-655 (NOTHING should ever cause a device to reboot, interference or otherwise!), but this did mitigate the issue until the DIR-655 can be thrown out.

  2. tullius  September 21, 2015

    I also had a randomly rebooting DIR-655. My solution was to disable WPA2 and only allow WPA as wireless security setting. That setting stopped the random reboots.


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