Blackberry Continues its plummett

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OK… So its been a long time since I Blogged.  Its actually a good thing.  Things have been incredibly busy at Rivit.  We’ve been migrating more clients to Microsoft every month.  Our forecast is looking good.  Thank you to all of our customers!

This morning I was reading the Newspaper and saw an article on Blackberry.  The news last week was that Blackberry continued to slide even after they released their new phones.  In fact they had lost 4 million subscribers in that same period.  Early this week the news was that Blackberry was potentially investigating a buyer (I’m betting that the  patents alone make it worth Billions).  Today the news is that their share of the market had finally plummeted below Microsoft’s Windows Platform.

In the second quarter of 2012, Microsoft had 2.6% of the market.  Today it had 3.3%.  Blackberry had 5.2% and today it had 6.1%.  Blackberry continues to lose clients.  Not because the phone isn’t great but because its the same as all the other devices.  They delayed the launch of the phone only to release a phone that provided what everybody else did.  Unfortunately, that too little too late.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is still having difficulty with the “One software multiple platform” message.  They can’t get anyone to run Windows 8 on their desktop (I run it and I like it.  But I don’t think the metro apps and the new start page are worth upgrading too).   But the mobile platform seems to be getting more traction.  Although I’m a Apple user I think it could become the Enterprise favorite.

Sorry Blackberry… I think its to late for you.


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