79% of malicious attacks on mobile phones are on Android

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Reading the news (http://tinyurl.com/q83helf ) this morning that showed some interesting statistics concerning malware on mobile devices.  I have yet to see an attack on my IPhone.  Come to think about it, I never saw an attack on my blackberry either.  But, according to statistics 79% of all malicious attacks happen on android devices.  That’s a huge number.  Especially when you compare it to Apples number of 0.7% of all attacks.

The article goes on to state that 44% of all Android devices are running old versions of IOS which make them more prone to these attacks.  Of Apples 600 million sold iphones and Ipads 93% are running the latest IOS 6 version.

I think the other problem is that the Google Market place is full of apps that are actually Malware in disguise.   Google does a poor job of screening apps for the store and allows almost everything to be posted.  Apple tends to be a little too militant with the App Store.  But the end result is that you get Apps that work.  Apps that do what they are supposed to do.  And Apps that aren’t doing malicious things.

Apple gets a lot of bad press these days about their position dropping in the market, about people suffering from Apple Fatigue… But at the end of the day their product is still the best on the market.  It might not standup to a paper challenge of specifications.  But it’s the user experience, the most important thing in my book, that is still the best!




  1. Craig Wiseman  August 29, 2013

    The biggest problem is the reason that many devices are running older versions of the OS… The carriers are very leery/scared of putting updates out. This has impacted windows phone more than android, but there are far less windows phones out there.

  2. Cranapple  March 3, 2014

    Rob, your numbers are low! Check out the latest stats



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